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  1. Maybe, but I notice it with more than just guys, I notice it at the grocery store, the airport security line, never fails my boyfriend will pass through with a bottle of lotion, costco size and I will have the lil 3.4 oz bottle in a plastic bag and they will find something of mine to throw away and won't touch his bag and this is when we are traveling together. Funny thing is, he laughs about it and says only ME, because it's happened every time we travel together.
  2. Well I live in So cal and its been 70-77 here, but regardless of weather, it's hard to hide neck and hand tattoos, no matter how cold it is.
  3. Julio, that is so true, I can go out with any number of my guy friends or my boyfriend who are heavily tattooed and I am always the one who gets the stares, questions and people trying to touch me. It's higly annoying, although nothing new. I've delt with it, but it doesn't get any less annoying.
  4. Mel Vicious

    straight razor

    Artist-Uncle Allen tattoo- straight razor Location- Japan
  5. Hey Loch,

    Yes.. I meant to get on it earlier.. work has been nutsville, finally had a chance, so here I am.

    I'm good, could always be better, but could always be worse, right? take what I have and roll with the punches.

    how's your world.. this is new and exciting for you.

    My chin- I got done in Japan by Uncle Allen from conspiracy tattoo, he was guest spotting at inkratt tattoo.

    I know.. I need to get my ass in the chair again.. soon.

    good to hear from you.. as always.


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