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  1. I want to get the three fates (definitely as beautiful women) smiling, with the thread of fate curling around my pinkie as it is being cut... on my forearm. I have an artist I'm thinking about getting this from. And I want the whore of Babylon (babylon the great and the beast) on the back of my thigh.
  2. I previously posted these in my introduction thread, but this seems like a more appropriate place. There is a lot of great work in this thread. A lot of inspiring work! Can't wait to paint later! ++ I've tried everything to turn these files correctly, I have no idea why they insist on being upside down.
  3. Wow! This is a really thought provoking thread. I am a millennial, but I oftentimes feel isolated from the world based on all these articles describing my generating as Manhattan posh phone addicted job deserters. I don't have a smart phone or computer (a tablet, though, somewhere in the middle) and I feel a lot of strong ties to my community. I don't feel quite as isolated about this article, though. The majority of my tattoos, when I got them, I just thought "this would be cool/look good fit a theme/help me practice a new technique, but looking at them now are obvious manifestations of whatever my current situation was i.e.: king rat on my elbow after making it through a very difficult time, a comic book character shortly after finishing my degree in comics, a mom tattoo after feeling isolated from family..... I think in a way tattoos can be meditations on your fucks. Sort of like in the article, if you give a ton of fucks about how others see you, you would probably get that feather to tell people how super sweet and free spirited your fucks are. if you give fucks about super dope tattoos your tattoos are probably going to be a direct manifestation to that. If you give no fucks about anything, you just might have your buddy tattoo you on a kitchen table an image a parachuting donut landing on your penis. Cuz your homeless and why not. It's all about the fucks. And how many fucks you give, in my humble opinion, is your identity. Where you choose to give them, and how often. Scientific conclusion: millenials are expressing their identity through tattoos; this relationship can be expressed quantitatively and qualitatively through the following ratio: z:x(y)=identity:fucks(tattoos)
  4. "Every religion is true one way or another. It is true when understood metaphorically." I am a chaos magician/shamanist and I have Loki tattooed on my leg with a planned half sleeve of the Greek fates. I think a lot of imagery from the bible is really great, in metaphor and art history, but the context of these lies in text. My favorite is jude 1:13 they are wild waves foaming at the mouthes, wandering stars for whom the blackest darkness has been reserved forever." I have also thought about something like "even God had to rest on the seventh day." Maybe even revelation 3:11 "with justice and judges he makes war." Song of songs 1:2 "kiss me with kisses of the mouth, your love more delightful than wine." I think getting a quote from the bible/relating to Christianity is cool even if you aren't christian. It has permeated cultures for thousands of years, been translated into thousands of languages, just because a use it is not your creed does not mean it has no value as instruction, history, or entertainment. I think with quotation it might be slightly more context restrictive for the heathens though... for example, I wouldn't be getting john 3:16 "for God so loved the world..." Or any of the verses more specifically deifying Jesus, or setting forth the tenants of the religion. Personally I would find that disrespectful if it was not part of the individuals faith (at least at the time of the tattoo) I think religious text is a wellspring of beautiful and meaningful quotes, but perhaps some prudence on how far we are willing to stretch for its beauty, but of course, as others have said, all of this is individual.
  5. I think I saw something about there in: http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/random-crap/3948-good-places-eat-drink-around-tattoo-shops.html
  6. My elbow tat is a king rat done by Mike Ferrara, now at Kustom Hustle in Savannah, GA. I can't get color due to a lot of allergies. I personally wanted the elbow done first. I wanted a solid piece in the middle to build around and not look like filler/stuffed it there.
  7. Is the shop quite far from you? This is great work! Perhaps you can go to the shop and get a consult. Maybe a whole revelations theme... the four horsemen, scorpion tailed locusts, the lion of Judah, etc...
  8. Hello I am Josie pi from savannah, ga. I am an artist who is interested in tattooing and tattoo arts. A tattoo artist in my town recommended this site to me for insight and information, so I am mostly here to absorb. I also do promotional materials/posters, comic books, and carved skulls. Unfortunately for several years I made the mistake of scratching, but have put away the machines for the last nine months to focus on building a stellar portfolio. I'm not here to ask anyone how to break in or be a foolhardy idiot, but I do hope to gain a little insight from time to time, and check out what is going on with the tattoo community. I'd love feedback, critique, or suggestions for items to add to it. Some of the pieces I've been working on:
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