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  1. @ The Vatican Studios, Lake Forest 18.5 hours
  2. 2nd session on my Mandala half sleeve by Daniel Meyer was pushed back a month, to November 10th! Started it in the beginning of September. A little bummed on waiting, but its only a month. and i'll have better time to heal on the 10th with only one day back at work, before the weekend to rest.
  3. Finished up my chest piece by London Reese in Lake Forest, CA. Took 18 hours on my back to piece together this dragon. Was inspired through various influences and references. London is a really cool and easy going guy. 10/10 would get tattooed by him again. Vatican Studios is seriously wicked too. Rad artsy layout, with some seriously talented artists.
  4. Got a few more hours in on my custom dragon chest piece! So close to being finished but so stoked on how it's come together. London Reese is a pleasure to get tattooed by. Very easy going and cool to talk to. The shop is great, everyone there is a really friendly, cool, and talented as hell. After this last session, I now understand why some people say the chest sucks. 15hrs down so far, only a little bit more to go.
  5. i'm headed to Mexico on a cruise next week, and although i will be layering on the WaterBabies lotion, it never totally rubs in all the way, and leaves my skin/ tattoos with a layer of white.. kindof irks me.. but rather be safe than sorry
  6. my girlfriend said she loves my tattoos because she loves me, and they're a part of me! /loveydovey i think shes a keeper, even if she doesnt want any tattoos herself, i still lover her. haha !
  7. Sick you were able to keep the spot and change the subject matter! realism, especially a face.. IMO should be something that you choose, not your artist.. even if you are good with having that work of art, it is a face that would be on you forever, and you did make that a promise to your wife to be with her forever too!
  8. "So you just up and made a major life decision without any second thought about it?!" - my dad after seeing my chest plate LOL he was pissed... poor guy. too conservative to think rationally or openly at times.. i'd love to respond to that with "...pray hard" i'm torn between being a pacifist by nature and my desire to wear art of which holds a negative connotation to those who believe in such things..
  9. My girlfriend's birthday was a few weekends ago, so we both took some time off to celebrate! Starting on a Thursday, we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA. It was her first time. We had an amazing time, with nearly no waiting in lines! Luckily for us because it started to rain heavily around 2pm. We had arrived right when it opened at 10:30 and were able to ride just about everything that we wanted to ride, from X2, Tatsu, Batman, Viper, Bumper Cars <3 no Goliath due to the rain tho.. We came back to Buena Park to check in at the Best Host Inn, right next to Knotts Berry Farm. I booked their suite, which was complete with a Jacuzzi in the room, a mirror over the bed, and complete with blue mood lighting! It was KICK ASS! Then, we went to dinner at a great little Italian restaurant called "il garage 2" , a pretty romantic spot with great ambiance. It has a vegetable garden in view, which they grown some of their own vegetables in, and they allow you to walk through with drinks while waiting on the food. Food was fresh and authentic. really tasty and not too pricey! She was blown away. 10/10 birthday for her and was equally amazing for me!
  10. i absolutely feel that if you love the artists work, you will love whatever you get from them. Give them a vague idea of what you want/ like and chances are they''ll nail it in a way that they know how. But again, you've gotta love and trust their work/ art.
  11. bam! its a triangle seriously sick, awesome foot piece dude
  12. Got my second session in on this free hand piece by London Reese at The Vatican Studios in Lake Forest,CA First was done in 4 hrs Second was done after 6 hrs good times! but next appointment isnt for several months unfortunately. anyways, thanks for looking! -Joey
  13. Yeah I did tell him i was getting over a cold, even though i was feeling better. No hand shakes to anyone that day! Where should i post the updated pics? General ta2 discussion?
  14. Welllp i didnt call in sick. took me 3 months to get the first appointment, so i schedualed this second session shortly after, so id only have a month in between. My 3rd and hopefully last session isnt until August. I was actually feeling much better the day of the tattoo. Still i loaded up on vitamin c, and took some tylenol cold and flu. 6 hr tattoo went by without any symptoms coming up. I took the next day off to rest up more, and today i feel 100% except for the soreness on my chest! I appreciate all the feed back !
  15. cool thanks! in each 15mL. (suggested dose every 4hrs, is 2x that. 30mL) "active ingredients" include, Acetaminophen(Tylenol) 325mg... Pain reliever /Fever reducer Dextromethorphan HBr 10mg .... Cough Suppressant Phenylephrine HCI 5mg.............. Nasal Decongestant
  16. two hours after getting tattooed i'll remove the wrap and wash it lightly with Gold Dial liquid soap. let it breath then re wrap it in cling before bed. wake up and repeat the first step. i either let it breath or wrap it again if i'm putting on clothes/ going out, for the first day only, re wash and wrap before bed next morning wash again, and use a light amount of aquaphore over it, and go about my day. i'll use aquaphore over the remaining course of its healing. always heals before the 2 week mark, with minimal discomfort :D
  17. I've had a cold for a while now, and while i'm nearly over it, i still need Dayquil to get through my symptoms during work.. Now, i'm hoping i feel better for tomorrow, but has anyone had experience with taking Dayquil before/during a tattoo session? Its basically Tylenol, with a few other medicines mixed in.. but i just dont want to be too symptomatic. any input/advice would be great.. Thanks!
  18. yeah no one deserves that... no Gold Dial soap!? idk if that sort of thing can be prevented if the needle or anything else just isn't sterilized.. sucks
  19. hey man, first off i feel for you and things will get better. day by day, it may be up and down, but overall hang in there. And by "hang in there", i mean don't hang onto her. If/when your girlfriend wants to "talk", IMO its best to tell her you've moved on and don't want any false hope from a girl who after 3 years decided to end things. no matter how hard it is, the worst thing is to drag something painful on. Hope there was some closure, where you and her bother were able to tell each other exactly what you feel. if things get really hard for you, its a great idea to talk to someone about it. friends/family too if you've got some good ones. also, i found writing out your thoughts/fears/anger just to vent, really helps. i would hesitate with having any contact with her. its not worth it! get rid of everything that reminds you of her. that helps. Take it at your own pace, but go out and distract yourself. reconnect with old friends, immerse yourself in hobbies, work, and work on yourself. best of luck man one love
  20. seems like a good enough reason to me! I think it would be a good idea to have strong convictions in your own beliefs, as well as have a well thought out response to impending inquiries/ reactions to such imagery.. And definitely make sure you're willing/ prepared to deal with such reactions.
  21. hallucinations are hallucinations, but combine them with multi dimensional energy, and you've got some crazy stories. is it literally what they think they perceive? most likely not, because as humans we're still limited to our own imaginations and senses, but there are things we can't explain that could be as real as anything. /justathought ;) seeing some awesome demon/devil head art really makes me want something like that. possibly something to represent the positive also, but i'm not a fan of angels very much hey man, like, sometimes , i just, like, don't feel like, showering, ya know?? :p
  22. yeaah, you sortof lost me at "tear in the matrix" but absolutely energy both positive and negative is very real, and energy can never be destroyed. positive thoughts vibrated at higher/ positive frequencies which attract and draw in more positive energy. Mind over matter. and just the same the opposite is true. when negative thoughts or energy is released it brings about more. There is a constant struggle of both positive and negative energy in the world, and the most any of us can hope for is to share some positive vibes with those around us who need it most. cause a chain reaction.
  23. damn, exciting! Though my original plan was to try to get the shittiest spots i wanted tattooed, out of the way first while i'm young... hah, but still would rather space them out a bit i think.
  24. i dont believe in the supernatural aspect of religion such as demons or angels.. but i do like the darker imagery of demons or occult things.. though i'm debating it, i'm not sure if having something like that tattooed is really for me. I still love to see good black work or line work, demons, occult things..