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  1. lmactans

    Black Widow

    Seejay Callaway at Timepiece Tattoo Huntsville AL
  2. Got this on Tuesday, and I love it! On the upper shoulder/collarbone area. I'll post a better picture once it has healed.
  3. Seejay Callaway at Timepiece Tattoo Huntsville, AL
  4. My parents were both cool with it, I'd discussed it with them beforehand, to lessen the shock. I was, however, worried about my grandmother's reaction, since I'm very close with her. Ever since my dad was a kid, she's been saying that she'd disown anyone who got a tattoo, but I felt like it would be best to be up front about the whole thing with her, and slowly introduced her to the idea. After seeing it, she flinched and yelled "Why would you ever get one of those!" then, after a few seconds said "It's beautiful though". We spent an hour that day looking at tattoos on the internet, with her c
  5. Gonna get my black widow done on my right shoulder next week!
  6. My first tattoo, done on Wednesday! Very happy with it, and I'm getting a black widow done on the other arm in about a month!
  7. lmactans

    Zebra Shark

    Jason Brown Blue Rose Tattoo Huntsville, AL
  8. As I mentioned in my intro thread, I've always been fascinated by tattooing, even going so far as to experiment on myself when I was a child. Pokemon was huge in my childhood (and still is, if we're being completely honest). I also got into anime and video games pretty hardcore, which has thankfully dimmed down into a casual interest. But my biggest passion as a child, and indeed now, is wildlife, and exotic pets. I started working with snakes when I was four, and now I have ten snakes, four lizards, two frogs, eighteen spiders, and a centipede, which is a subject for a different thread. Ther
  9. I've got an appointment next Wednesday to get a zebra shark done on my upper arm! It's gonna be done in plain black, and in this style by this guy at a local shop. I really love the work that all the artists there do, and Greg's new school stuff is totally awesome, even though I'm not the biggest fan of the style myself. I'm so excited! But there are a few concerns I have. I'm not worried about the pain, but I do have some blood sugar problems (the doctor says it's okay to get tattooed though), and I have some pretty serious chronic stomach problems that cause me to shudder and spasm on occa
  10. Hey, I'm Erin, and I've been looking into getting my first tattoo for about a year now. When I was about ten, I did some obviously ill fated experiments with body modification, so now I'm particularly committed to finding something I love and will look good for a long time. I'm from north Alabama, and there are several artists in the area that I really like, but I would like to hear any recommendations you guys have. It would be best if they were in the northern half of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, or in Tennessee, but I can go farther if I find something I really fall in love with. As far
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