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  1. This is my latest one, by Marius Meyer (Photo is also taken by Marius Meyer). I am super stoked to get it coloured in later on.
  2. stlm


    It is awesome, I have followed it since the start. Was lucky enough to stumble across it on the instagram of one of the guys from Bluearms.
  3. I am planning traditional on my left leg, traditional on my left arm and I was going for a japanese piece on my right thigh, but at the moment I am thinking about going for japanese on my whole right foot. Allready got a booking with Marius Meyer for the thigh.
  4. I think it is an oil well pump or something like that.
  5. And suddenly I want a Raijin tattoo.
  6. Here are one of my favourites with lightning, the background here is more japanese than traditional though. https://instagram.com/p/ychMyfist-/?taken-by=nicholasbluearms
  7. Looks really nice, I am going to get some work form Nicholas later on,
  8. https://instagram.com/p/2hSKg-lF1R/?taken-by=tattoodo Do they have Henning's autorisation to sell his design as Iphone cases and stuff?
  9. I feel like my hobbies are all over the place, I have tried to narrow it down in the later years. Since I don't have time to do everything + hobbies tend to cost a lot of money. Well here are some of the hobbies I used to be into or are currently doing: warhammer both fantasy and 40k(more painting than playing, had no one to play with), magic the gathering(on a very basic lvl), bmx (there are almost only scooter kids in my skatepark now though..) and skateboarding. Edit: I don't know if any of my hobbies have had an influence on me when it comes to tattoes though.
  10. I have pretty much free space at the moment, but I am thinking about what to place where later on. Since I am getting a Japanese piece now, and are planning to get a lot more traditional pieces later on.
  11. This is what I have done for the piece I am getting this summer, I gave the artist some pointers and I will let him do his thing based on it.
  12. I just got an appointment with Marius Meyer this summer. Getting a japanese piece on my thigh.
  13. I actually think that it said something about getting a Foo dog there, on the site where I found the picture.
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