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  1. It's been less than a month since I got my last tattoo, and I'm already scrolling through stuff on the internet. F***. I want a Baphomet on my leg or something!
  2. That's one wicked collection you got, @Dan Just out of curiosity, how old is your right sleeve? I mean it looks a little bit more faded than your left, but it still looks good.
  3. I'm not heavily tattooed, halfsleeve on lower arm, upper arm piece and backpiece, but so far the elbow has been the worst. And I also felt like the outside of my lower arm hurt more than the inside, which is the complete opposite of what most people say. So I guess I'm wierd like that 😛
  4. Sucks, but luckily the itching is worst on places where my skin isn't freshly tattooed. I can see the bumps real good now, hope it goes away sooner than later.. How often do you guys apply lotion? I didn't get a hold of Hustle Butter this time, but my artist recommended Pantothenol so that's what I've been using now, 3 times a day.
  5. I'm currently healing a piece on my arm, and started with Dermalize. But then the airline company managed to misplace my bag with the roll in it, so I had to buy something called TattooMed while waiting for my Dermalize. It's supposed to be the same thing as Dermalize, Saniderm etc. At first it felt great, more comfortable than Dermalize actually. But after I removed it, I had an allergic reaction. My arm got red/pink ish, and after that faded away, I now have some bumps and it itches. Never reacted like this to Dermalize or Saniderm. Just thought I'd share my experiences if someone's considered trying it out - although everyone reacts differently.
  6. Bah, healing tattoos fckin sucks.. I had almost forgot the hassle the first couple weeks 😂 Oh well, earn your ink!
  7. Got this sexy wolf done on friday by Line Marielle in Denmark! It's a continuation to my existing work from her on my forearm, so now Im the proud owner of a halfsleeve 😁 Will end up with a full sleeve eventually, I bet! Theres also another raven, a Valknut symbol and a verse from Håvamål in old norse, so all of the new stuff isnt visible here. Maybe Ill upload another pic later. Im so stoked, cant wait for it to heal.
  8. Hahah yeah I had a feeling it was a bit too.. intricate. But I've been sitting here and doing some research, and just found something awesome, that might just be doable. I just sent my artist an email with some reference pictures, really stoked to hear what she thinks 🙂
  9. How is it like tattooing the elbow? I mean it's a very 'stressed' area, the skin stretches constantly, should I avoid intricate details and keep it as simple as possible? I'm thinking about getting this symbol on my elbow, and here's two different versions of it, one in details and one very plain:
  10. Sorry to be bumping an "old" thread. I don't know, maybe a month isn't really considered old? Anyway, I like your tattoo. Like everyone else has said, it looks great and sits very nicely on your arm. I have 3 tattoos myself, and the first one I got is a backpiece. At first I was stoked, but as time went by I started hating it. I still hate it to this day, and will definetely get it covered one day. My other two I love. I got my last one almost a year ago, it covers most of my forearm. And in 2 weeks I will be getting the other side/tricep done - can't wait! When I get a new tattoo I usually feel stoked af from right on when the stencil comes on, to when I take that first look in the mirror. And it just kind of stays that way. I still, almost every day, look at my forearm and smile, and be like "I can't believe I'm wearing that!" I hope you're feeling the same way about your mermaid by now :)
  11. It's best if used before february 2019. I tried looking on HB website about opened vs closed state, but yeah I guess it'll be fine. Im just really OCD about my new tattoos, hehe Thank you, those look sweet! Just wish they'd have a retailer in Europe.. 2 weeks till my appointment and ofc my slackin ass havent thought about this before now
  12. I tried looking but I couldn't see any date printed. If I do manage to find it, is the dating still correct when opened?
  13. 3 weeks till my next appointment! I'm so fuckin stoked... That brings a few things to mind; 1. I have an opened box of Hustle Butter that I bought and opened last summer. Is this still useable, or should I buy a new one? 2. Does anyone know where I can find these 'sleeve bandages' (from a lack of a better thing to call them)? It's like the piece of a sweater that you can put on your arm to guard the fresh tattoo from the sun. I saw Corey Taylor use it on one of his live shows, so I know they exist. He was freshly tatted at that show.
  14. It's been a while since I've been on these parts.. haven't posted anything here in ages, like almost a year I think. But anyways, a little while ago I booked an appointment to continue my halfsleeve I started last summer! I'm stoked af, can't wait to get the other side of this beaut going :D June 22nd seems so far away :p
  15. Maybe she saw the design somewhere and just thought it looked cool? Maybe someone commented on the tattoo one time and told her what they thought it meant, and she simply forgot?
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