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  1. Thank you for a good reply! Yeah I have been trawling quite a bit, that's for sure :P But then again I have a rather big tattoo on my back that I am not happy with. And that feeling sucks. I'm gonna get it fixed some time, so it's not the end of the world, but I guess I just want to make sure this time around. Oh yeah, rest assured pictures will be posted!
  2. Just a little over 3 weeks till my appintment! I'm stoked af, but I'm also starting to stress a little bit. My artist has told me that she will sketch up something when I arrive in the shop, I have not been sent anything via email. And I'm cool with that, she's extremely talented so I have full confidence that she'll cook up something amazing for me. BUT, I guess I should bring some reference photos? I want a portrait, some runes and a rose, in short. These days I'm all over Pinterest, Instagram and Tattoodo like a fuckin psychopath For the sake of my well-being and social life I know I shouldn't be asking this, but what do you guys use for inspiration? Are there any other holy grail-sites out there that I'm missing?
  3. Winter can get pretty cold yeah, but then there's the aurora :) Well I live in the norhern parts, so about 1500 kilometers away from his shop :P But I guess he has email in this day and age!
  4. I took a closer look at Marius' Instagram, and yeah.. he may absolutely be a good pick! I'm wondering if there's a way to keep the skull and add something that would suit it nicely. But like realistically, if I want a backpiece in black and grey I'd pretty much have to lazer the rays, right? If not it would have to be pretty damn dark in those areas.. @Gingerninja Cool! If you have the time, you should pay the northern parts of Norway a visit - it's way nicer up here ;) I've never really liked our capital. Northern Norway has breathtaking nature, if you're interested in such that is.
  5. Did you see this? Pretty sick! Devotion personified, I'd say.
  6. Actually never heard of him, but yeah he had some sklls for sure! Japanese is not my cup of tea to be honest, traditional has grown on me though. I'm a big fan of realism. Hehe yeah, I'm actually going to Denmark for my next tattoo :) Not Royal though, but a girl who worked at Sinners Inc, she's setting up a new shop these days.
  7. Thank you for your reply. Yeah, I know I'll have to go pretty big to cover this one up.. kids, let this be a lesson to you. I'm getting a new tattoo in august, maybe I can ask my artist during the session what she thinks. But yeah, pour em out if you have suggestions :)
  8. Hi guys and gals. So, this was my first tattoo. Got it like 8 years ago if I recall correct. When the artist sent me the sketch on mail, I thought it looked badass, but not long after it was inked on my skin I realized that I hated it. Well, hate is a strong word, but I am definetely not satisfied with it - and in my opinion when you're not satisfied with a tattoo, you've failed :p It has been bugging me for years, but just recently I've started to really consider getting it fixed. Now, I'm happy with the skull, but the "sunrays"... barf. I wanted it black and grey from the get go, but the artist kinda convinced me to add colours to it. I thought about having it lazered, but that's expensive as hell here in Norway - and I also hear it hurts like a bitch. So my dilemma is this; can I really cover up the colours with black and grey? Or do I need to at least fade it with a lazer, and then get it covered? Any thoughts on cool concepts that could go with the skull is also greatly appreciated :) I had this thought about putting a top hat on the skull, and/or maybe an angelic wing on one side, and a demonic wing on the other. I dunno, I'm kind of lost on this one. Help me please!
  9. I'm getting my forearm done on august the 10th. Booked in may if I recall correct. 7 years since my last tat, and I am itching something fierce! Been thinking about getting a waiting-tattoo to kill the wait, haha..
  10. What is the best sunscreen for tattoos? Anything as long as it's 30+ SPF and blocks both UVA and UVB?
  11. Well yeah ofcourse it is - it's really two sides of the same coin if you break it down, I suppose :) It's the same as the upside down cross, it's not a satanic cross. A quick google search will show you just how different the real satanic cross is. What's funny is that most "satanists" don't really, truly believe in a horned god, the devil or Lucifer. They are just atheists who oppose organized religion and believe that people should be able to think for themselves and not blindly follow. 'Satan' actually means the adversary.
  12. Hehe no, I woulnd't go that far :P @bongsau I'd get an upside down cross or a pentagram any day of the week rather than a traditional cross But hey, that's just my personal standing, I have nothing against what people decorate themselves with or believe - as long as they don't knock on my door and try to forcefeed their beliefs on me!
  13. I like this topic man. I don't see myself as an overly morbid creature, but I'm probably more interested in the occult than the average person is. This has alot to do with the music I listen to, I admit (metal, and black metal especially). But I'm also a devoted atheist - I believe organized religion is the root of all evil in this world. So I really wanna get a tattoo inspired by the occult, but I'm afraid that may be crossing a line or whatever. I mean, the Baphomet on your upper arm or a burning cross on your leg, people are bound to brand you a lunatic. I'm getting my forearm done soon, and it will be a portrait of one of the old godesses in norse religion. I did consider Hel, the queen of the underworld, but maybe that too is a bit too much on the dark side?
  14. It's been almost exactly 7 years since I got my last tattoo, so I honestly can't remember that well if it hurt or not. I know that the back (where I got my first one) hurt more than on my upper arm. Upper arm was a walk in the park as far as I recall. Now I'm getting my forearm done in august, and I've heard mixed opinions about that area. But I wouldn't even consider a numbing cream, the pain is part of the experience I kinda like the whole "earn your tattoos" thing too.
  15. Yeah you're probably right. I think Ill just go with a portrait to begin with. I like her portraits alot, and as of now that is the main priority. A rose would look killer beside it I think, and Im a sucker for some script too.. oh fuckin hell Edit : about refrence Im looking at female portraits several times a day. I think ill give her a bit of artistical freedom on that one though.