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  1. It's been almost exactly 7 years since I got my last tattoo, so I honestly can't remember that well if it hurt or not. I know that the back (where I got my first one) hurt more than on my upper arm. Upper arm was a walk in the park as far as I recall. Now I'm getting my forearm done in august, and I've heard mixed opinions about that area. But I wouldn't even consider a numbing cream, the pain is part of the experience I kinda like the whole "earn your tattoos" thing too.
  2. Yeah you're probably right. I think Ill just go with a portrait to begin with. I like her portraits alot, and as of now that is the main priority. A rose would look killer beside it I think, and Im a sucker for some script too.. oh fuckin hell Edit : about refrence Im looking at female portraits several times a day. I think ill give her a bit of artistical freedom on that one though.
  3. @Emil: Yeah, maybe you're right about that. Easier to fit in details if a portrait is rather big, than to cram two portraits into a small spot I guess. Oh well, I guess we're gonna go through the design before she sketches it up for me - will be great fun to see what she comes up with :) I hope I won't be one of those nightmare customers who demands 3-4 reworks before I'm happy, haha
  4. @AtomicMagpye Haha! Well yeah, not exactly but close! Skjegget i postkassen is more like if you mess up something. For instance, you book a holiday and then find out 2 months later that your boss wont let you go during that time. It literally translates "beard in the mailbox" - I don't even know why, it's a wierd saying :P @Dan: Do you mean the idea as a whole, or just this symbol I attached? Cause the most important thing for me is to get a really good looking portrait with some fillers around/underneath it. I was shifting a bit about starting clean on my right upper arm, but I'm also thinking I wanna continue on my left arm - I have a tattoo on my upper arm there already. Eventually maybe making it into a full sleeve. I also wanna get a tattoo that I can see easily (when using tshirts etc.) and actually share with others aswell. I have the one on my upper arm and one on my back, so for the time being I can easily go as an "ink virgin" even on sunny days :p Thanks for the replies guys! Maybe it's difficult to throw ideas out when I already kinda know what I want, but I guess I'm looking for other peoples experiences with forearm tats :)
  5. That's such a beauty! I'm getting a wolf on my forearm too in a couple of months, can't wait! And this piece was inspiring as I'm still not 100% sure how I want the wolf.
  6. Hi! In august I'm getting inked for the first time in SEVEN years! I can't believe it's been that long since I last felt that bittersweet buzzing from the needle, but now I'm finally getting tatted up again :D Anyway, my next piece is a norse-inspired forearm tattoo. I'm from and live in Norway, and have always been interested in and fascinated by the norse religion and way of life - and I also feel it's a cool way of paying dues to my ancestors and heritage. However, I'm kinda shifting between 2 or 3 different ideas,. and just FYI this will be a piece stretching all the way from my elbow to my wrist on my forearm. I initially wanted a full halfsleeve, but I'm gonna start with my forearm. 1. A portrait of Hel and underneath the Fenrir wolf. In there I'd also like one of Odin's two ravens if possible (or maybe both of them, flying in the background?) and a rose just above my wrist. For those of you who don't know, Hel is the Queen of the dead in norse mythology. Her face is half beautiful, and half dead. The Fenrir wolf is a fierce beast who will be freed from his shackles when Ragnarok breaks loose and kill Odin, and also swallow the sun and the moon. 2. Basicly the same as #1, but instead Hel is replaced by the goddess Freyja. Freyja is the wife of Odin, and is the goddess of love, beauty, war and death, among other things. 3. The Fenrir wolf with a bit more darkness surrounding his portrait. I don't necessarily want the wolf to look intimidating, but some dark forest scenery around/under him. Moving down from there, I'm thinking one of the two ravens mentioned above, and just above my wrist the Helm of Awe (see attached picture below). This symbol was a magical spell of protection used by the vikings, and I quote: "According to a number of legends, this apotropaic (protective) symbol, when worn between the eyes, was intended to confer invincibility in the wearer or instill fear in one’s enemies. " I like it first and foremost because of the protection part, although the latter is cool too. Now, this symbol I want 'modernized' by having it look like a compass or a pocket watch of some sort. So what do you guys think? I feel like there's so much more that can be added to this piece.. The reason I'm so unsure about the 3 options I currently think about is because I want something that I can wear for the rest of my life and still be proud of. Right now I think the portrait of Hel sounds totally badass, but maybe when I'm 60 and my grandkids ask me wtf that half-dead chick on my arm is, it wont be that cool? I might add that I want all of this in realistic style. The artist I've booked an appointment with is a girl in Denmark, and she's really talented in this realistic style! Below is a link to her instagram. Fun fact, the Elvis portrait you'll see as the first pic took her only 2 hours, I'm amazed! Any input, ideas or feedback will be greatly appreciated! The Helm of Awe:
  7. I think your tattoo looks decent, maybe a little too much "empty space" between the flowers for my liking, but hey. I can understand that if you imagined realistic looking flowers this is a disappointment. The first tattoo I got I'm not really that happy about. It's a skull with some sunrays around it on my back. It's kinda big, between my shoulderblades and stretching up and down a bit, so I'm not really sure about what do with it. Cover up is an option, lasering is also an option I guess. The rays are red and yellow, does colors pose a bigger challenge for lasers?
  8. Yeah according to the allmighty internet, anything between 10%-20% is considered standard :)
  9. How much do you guys usually tip your artist?
  10. It would look like a pentagram if there was a circle around it. First thing I thought of was a star. Maybe not the prettiest star, but still a star. Like people have said above here, do some research, find an artist with a style you like, and be willing to caugh up a few bucks. After all it's gonna be on you till the end. I kinda regret my first tattoo, and will probably have it fixed/partly covered sooner or later. Personally I wouldn't mind having a pentagram, but maybe that's just me :p
  11. Thought I'd drop an update here. So last night I got the OK from my doctor, he didnt think the bleeding would be a problem, and told me I could pause the meds a couple days before just to be sure. So now I'm pretty damn happy! 😄 I initially wanted to get a whole halfsleeve (damn that sounded stupid) on my lower arm in 2 days back to back, but I'm thinking I'll just go with the inner part of my arm first. Partly to save money, and partly because I imagine healing half a limb in one go can be a hassle with a physical job etc.
  12. I found a similar thread which boosted my morale quite a bit! Doc still hasn't called back yet, I'm gonna get his opinion but now I'm thinking what the hell, doesnt sound like there will be any major problems! I've been wanting this halfsleeve for a while, so reading this made me alot happier :D
  13. Hey guys and gals. I'm new to the forum, so apparantly this is the place to pop by and say hello before starting to post elsewhere. I'm a tattoo lover from Norway, I have 2 pieces so far, and in august I'm hopefully getting inked for the first time in seven (!) years. Which leads me to my question... Ok, so I have a condition called Samter's Triad, it's completely harmless although annoying, basicly it's asthma and nasal polyps. To treat this condition I take one 300 mg pill of Disprin each day. Disprin is an NSAID, and also works as a blood thinner. I heard recently that getting tattooed while taking blood thinners is a big no-no, which when you think about it makes sense due to the risk of extra bleeding . I was not on these meds when I got my other tattoos, but I dont remember bleeding much at all. Also when I get a cut or whatever nowadays, I dont think I bleed more than anyone else does. I am really stressed out now, because I also heard that most artists will refuse to work on you if you tell them you use these types of meds. I called my doctor but he was busy and havent called back yet, I also think he has no clue when it comes to getting tattooed. I'm not really worried about bleeding, my main concern is that maybe the healing process will take longer - and worst case scenario: will it heal properly? The last thing I want is to go the rest of my life with a damaged tattoo. I am getting this tattoo! Going off the meds is one option, but then I may have to spend one week in the hospital getting the treatment done again, and I dont really want that. Help! Has anyone else been tattooed while being on blood thinners? I will be on these meds for the rest of my life, and I am NOT done getting inked.
  14. Thanks! And thank you for the recommendation :) - - - Updated - - - I can't post new threads yet, and I respect that. But I thought maybe I could ask for some advice here? As mentioned above, I want this to be a sleeve in the end. But the design is quite special, so I'm not sure how to continue.. Something from the Tool universe would be cool, but I'm open for other suggestions aswell :) The only thing I know for sure, is that I'd like the text "Embrace what ever may come" in a banner or something like that, hehe.
  15. Unfortunately I do not remember the name. It was at a convention at a small city in Norway, and the artist was from Brazil I think.. lost his card, so I have no way of knowing the name, unfortunately.