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  1. thyes

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Hahah yeah I had a feeling it was a bit too.. intricate. But I've been sitting here and doing some research, and just found something awesome, that might just be doable. I just sent my artist an email with some reference pictures, really stoked to hear what she thinks 🙂
  2. thyes

    Upcoming Tattoos

    How is it like tattooing the elbow? I mean it's a very 'stressed' area, the skin stretches constantly, should I avoid intricate details and keep it as simple as possible? I'm thinking about getting this symbol on my elbow, and here's two different versions of it, one in details and one very plain:
  3. thyes

    More tattoo regret

    Sorry to be bumping an "old" thread. I don't know, maybe a month isn't really considered old? Anyway, I like your tattoo. Like everyone else has said, it looks great and sits very nicely on your arm. I have 3 tattoos myself, and the first one I got is a backpiece. At first I was stoked, but as time went by I started hating it. I still hate it to this day, and will definetely get it covered one day. My other two I love. I got my last one almost a year ago, it covers most of my forearm. And in 2 weeks I will be getting the other side/tricep done - can't wait! When I get a new tattoo I usually feel stoked af from right on when the stencil comes on, to when I take that first look in the mirror. And it just kind of stays that way. I still, almost every day, look at my forearm and smile, and be like "I can't believe I'm wearing that!" I hope you're feeling the same way about your mermaid by now :)
  4. thyes

    Upcoming Tattoos

    It's best if used before february 2019. I tried looking on HB website about opened vs closed state, but yeah I guess it'll be fine. Im just really OCD about my new tattoos, hehe Thank you, those look sweet! Just wish they'd have a retailer in Europe.. 2 weeks till my appointment and ofc my slackin ass havent thought about this before now
  5. thyes

    Upcoming Tattoos

    I tried looking but I couldn't see any date printed. If I do manage to find it, is the dating still correct when opened?
  6. thyes

    Upcoming Tattoos

    3 weeks till my next appointment! I'm so fuckin stoked... That brings a few things to mind; 1. I have an opened box of Hustle Butter that I bought and opened last summer. Is this still useable, or should I buy a new one? 2. Does anyone know where I can find these 'sleeve bandages' (from a lack of a better thing to call them)? It's like the piece of a sweater that you can put on your arm to guard the fresh tattoo from the sun. I saw Corey Taylor use it on one of his live shows, so I know they exist. He was freshly tatted at that show.
  7. thyes

    Upcoming Tattoos

    It's been a while since I've been on these parts.. haven't posted anything here in ages, like almost a year I think. But anyways, a little while ago I booked an appointment to continue my halfsleeve I started last summer! I'm stoked af, can't wait to get the other side of this beaut going :D June 22nd seems so far away :p
  8. thyes

    What does this tattoo mean?

    Maybe she saw the design somewhere and just thought it looked cool? Maybe someone commented on the tattoo one time and told her what they thought it meant, and she simply forgot?
  9. thyes

    is tattoo to dark?

    Did you check this artists portfolio before letting him/her set the needle in your skin? I would never get a tattoo from someone that I hadn't seen pictures of previous work from, and I doubt that you would either. You said you didn't want the tattoo in portrait style, but you showed him/her that picture, which is indeed in portrait style. I don't mean to be mean, it just doesn't make any sense to me getting a tattoo from someone who clearly doesn't master their craft. The good idea is that yes, it's completely fixable! I've seen worse tattoos covered up and turned into masterpieces :) There are artists who specializes in cover-ups. I linked this artist in another thread, and I'll do it again here: This artist is in Norway, so I'm guessing you're not willng to travel all the way here to do it. But there are tons of good artists out there, just google a bit. Good luck, hope you find someone who can make it shine!
  10. I thought the whole point of Saniderm and similar products was to keep in the plasma, enzymes etc. to help the healing process? At least that's what Saniderm and Dermalize's instructions said, right after getting tattooed to "let the tattoo bleed for 15 minutes, and then apply the first layer", more or less. I know everyone has their own way of healing tattoos, just thought I'd throw this out there, liquids building up under the bandage is normal and not dangerous at all :) I kept the first layer on for a little over 24 hours (about 27 if I recall correct). Washed the tat with the right kind of soap, let it dry completely and then smacked on a new bandage that I kept on for 4 days. Theeen Hustle Butter 3 times a day for 3 weeks. I actually still rub on some HB like once a day, and this is my 4th week. Dunno if I really need to though. I can't remember babying my other two tattoos this much. To be honest I don't remember using any ointments at all. And they both turned out just fine (aside the fact that shortly after getting my first I hated it lol).
  11. thyes

    Lower leg tattoo

    Well this mug is norwegian ;) I'm pretty sure the majority are americans though, yeah. Cool! I'm a metalhead myself, and the music that's been made (and still being made) here in Scandinavia is something I'm very proud of - especially black metal. Hehe yeah, norwegian and swedish people have no problems understanding each other. Spoken danish is a bit difficult for me to understand, but if it's written it's almost identical. Finnish is completely out there, could might aswell be chinese. Your quote in norwegian is "det finnes ingen svar", - 'there are no answers' for those who may wonder - so yeah pretty close. Actually I don't think I've heard Lifelover before, just checked it out now. Sounds tight! Reminds me alot of another swedish band called Shining (check out their song Låt oss ta allt från varandra. Darkest shit I've ever heard, see if you can find a translation and you'll understand what I mean...) Ontopic: I wish more people opened their eyes to Saniderm or Dermalize. It really is night and day compared to that ol' foil wrapped on your body. Never healing a tattoo the traditional way again!
  12. thyes

    Norse forearm tattoo

    Thank you! I'm very happy with it, and I look forward to continuing it :)
  13. thyes

    Tattoos inspired by music?

    Ah, my bad, guess I should've done the research before posting a new thread. Mods feel free to close it if you want :) Nice tattoos man! Johnny Cash is king.
  14. thyes

    Not loving new tattoo

    Good luck on your next appointment!
  15. I'm curious to see if there are others in here who have gotten tattoos dedicated to their favourite bands, singers, artists or just inspired by music in general? I love music, especially metal and rock. So my second tattoo was heavily inspired by the band Tool and their.. wierd artwork. It's been 7 years since I got this tattoo, but I still feel like it needs something more added to it. Just haven't gotten to it yet, I guess. The pic is from the day I got it if I recall correct. Didn't have a healed pic and couldn't be arsed to take one now, so I snagged this from my Facebook. It's not as crisp ofcourse, but it's still in pretty decent shape (thank god for SPF 50). Show me yours, there must be some in here :)