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  1. It looked less like an infection to me and more like it was severely over worked. We've got a hood shop around where I work that's had similar things come out.
  2. Makes me feel so lonely... :(
  3. I always ask, "how much should I plan to bring with me?" which makes me sound like I have way more money than I actually do, but I also feel like it doesn't make it sound like I'm concerned with the price. As a tattooer I try to quote people on their tattoo before they ask to avoid them asking. Currently I over quote people and then when I'm done with the tattoo I charge what I feel is a fair price for the piece (usually less than the quote). I think that it's good to have people prepared to pay more than they actually end up paying, at the worst it makes it seem like you're a nice guy who's
  4. Dat networking doe. I feel like this section of the forums is real quiet for being the recommended place to hit your 10+ initial posts.
  5. I feel like "collector" is the word that you're looking for.
  6. Basically my thought when I read that.
  7. I've experienced a horrible heal complete with the infection thing and everything. Most of my recent ones have healed fine and quickly. How long ago did you get it, and can you post a picture of it healing so we can tell if there's any serious issue?
  8. Hello, I'm a tattooer from Albany New York. I've been tattooing since June 2010 and I'm trying to take the steps to bring my career to the next level. I enjoy doing Neotraditonal style, or black and grey realism. I hope to travel more and work more expos and guest spots over the next few years. I'm very eager to get feed back and advice on my work. Instagram: @jeffbulttattoos
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    Jeff Bult
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    Jeff Bult
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