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  1. gogue s. moore a. lee hernandez leu roper i. szazi trevino flatmo pacheco shige grime mcstay grime mick cain
  2. The problem with the list is that the list isn't for tattoo community. Take Shaquille for example, ask majority of the us household and they'll tell u that he's a big black basketball player with lots of tattoos. Ask this same people who grime is and they'll say it's dirt. I don't know this Bob dude but since most of u guys out there think he's a piece of shit I guess he is. But with a proper top 20 maybe he can redeem himself. But there is a saying "u can't polish turd"
  3. on vanishingtattoo.com bob baxter started a list of 101 most influential list. agree with the list so far? who's in there that shouldn't be? top 20 is yet to come but who belongs in the top 20?
  4. I guess the joke didn't translate well. The guy who started the thread is from Ireland. So again it was a joke. Seriously.
  5. i'm just a collector. other than my neck, hands, and one side of my chest i am covered. maybe it's i'm not in the industry as a worker but i guess i don't really care if the artist is tattooed or not all i care for is they know how to tattoo. on that note artists that i have got tattoo from from are covered from head to toe. but even if they weren't my respect for them as artist would not be diminished one bit. for me it's all about how much they care for the art and the respect they have for tattooing. having said that maybe that goes hand in hand.
  6. i guess i just don't need empathy from my artist. what i care about is how well they will tattoo. r. hernandez, boris from hungry, and chuey quintanar aren't heavily tattooed and i wouldn't hesitate getting anything from them. would you guys not respect grime, shige, and horiyoshi as much if they weren't tattooed. would you not get things from them if they don't have a drop of ink on them? but i get what you guys are saying. different strokes...
  7. So u wouldn't get surgery from a surgeon who's never had that procedure? It's just a tattoo, I don't think theres too much to empathize. Although I would say 99% of the "top" artists are heavily tattooed.
  8. Does Boris from hungry have any tattoos? He's good and I didn't see any tattoos on him. I would def get shit from him even if he doesn't have any.
  9. i love how one thread leads into something completely different, having said that...i know this place isn't here to talk smack about other artist and such and i'm not here to shit on mike giant but...in the same interview he talks about how he hates drawing other people ideas and hate having to deal with blood. isn't that like a professional basketball player saying he's tired of jumping? drawing other people's idea and dealing with blood isn't something new to this business. it's something u know about from day one. it is a requirement!! people who don't like dealing with stoves and oven don'
  10. i read an article on mike giant and how he quit tattoo so that he can pay more attention to his clothing cause he could make way more money doing the clothing. i have no problem with artist making money but when a guy talks like that he loses all respect from me. i might be talking out of my ass but i've seen his tattoos. i don't think he does the kind of work where other people can't do. i've seen works from roper, shige, pacheco, moore and some of their shit i don't think people can copy and if they do it's done poorly but mike giant, come on. plus, $300 dollars per hour. i know his rate i
  11. if you could start all over again, would you and if so who would you get it by (five max).
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