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  1. yes, i have one! Alex mcwatt from three kings tattoo. do you have any recommended artists that i should do some research on? i think i'm going to go with a japanese style on my cover up.
  2. Hello LST forums, my name is roy and i've just recently registered on this forum! This is my story.. I would like to hear your opinions. So i got my first tattoo when i was only 15, HUGE mistake! I got a tribal tatt on my forearm that looks exactly like this. http://tribaltattooist.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Tribal%20Tattoo%20Forearm%2002.jpg Couple months later, i get a few laser tattoo treatments. The tattoo is still slightly dark but I'm sure it can be covered up by almost anything.(I will upload a picture of it upon request) anyways, this situation has changed me in many ways. I m
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