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  1. Been a lurker for a while. Well mostly after I had a tattoo on my lower leg and panicked when my ankle swelled up and I had pain every time I stood up. So far I have 3 tattoos nothing artsy, or cool but I love them. My next piece I'm looking for something amazing, but undecided what I want. I have no idea how I got the bug, I hate pain and I'm a mard arse. I'm a tattoo artists nightmare, the one on my leg I couldn't stop shaking it was insane and I have no idea how it ended up looking as expected...I did apologize over and over, but he just said it happens :-).
  2. I agree with everyone else. The only opinion that counts is yours. Ive been told I will regret my larger tattoo, its not to most peoples taste but its not for them and I'm going to keep adding to it. My ring tattoo ive been told its chavy, but there is a reason I have it and its nobody's else's business. The small one on my side is awful, its all out of shape, I got it at 17 just because I could but again I wouldn't change it for the world. You got your tattoo for a reason, no matter what the reason. Next time once the template is on your arm and your unsure, talk to the artist they have been
  3. Hi, didn't realise the forum would use my full name. Any chance I cold get it changed to HDay Thanks.
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