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  1. lol @Graeme The ads on the sides of the page read like any tabloid news webpage: "easy and sure way to lose your belly this month" and "personal trainers hate him for revealing this one simple trick" etc
  2. sick devil! I need to make it out to England for some good work
  3. hey all, I just moved from SF to DC, and I'm looking for an artist on the east coast to design a chest piece I've had in mind for a while. I thought this forum might be good for suggestions. I have several tattoos already, all black and grey, so I'm looking for someone who excels in B/G style. Mostly with heavy black ink. I'm looking for someone who is good at creepy/scary tattoos that are a mix of american traditional and russian prison styles. Not really looking for anything in the "horror" genre, but more like medieval occult-ish/satanist type stuff. One of my favorite artists is Ale
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