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  1. My artist actually asked if I could come in so he could do it. I know he was really determined to make the design perfect and I think he just wants to touch it up a tad in some spots, I'll ask him when I go back in what he had in mind exactly. Regardless, I trust him enough based on his other work that whatever he needs to do will look best. Other than that I'll probably end up getting a small filler near my wrist after the touch up.
  2. The same guy who did the eagle! Steve Goodspeed, he does all my work and kills it everytime
  3. Got this Rollo eagle on Sunday. Done by Steve Goodspeed at Gold Rush Tattoo in Costa Mesa, CA. I'll be going back in a few weeks once it heals for a bit thicker of an outline.
  4. When you say gap between the base do you mean having the dagger further towards the outside of you shoulders? Because if you're worried about it being visible outside of a collared shirt, don't even fret. It's only visible if I'm wearing a casual shirt that has an extremely wide collar, other than that you don't even see it. Let your artist know beforehand as well, I'm sure most won't just assume you want a neck tattoo, they'll be courteous enough to work with the placement that you want and what you're comfortable with. I'd suggest wearing a loose or wide collared shirt the day you get it tattooed that way when your artist is setting up the placement - if you're really that worried about it being visible you can make sure even with a loose fitted shirt it's still not seen before you take your shirt off and get it permanent. (Given, your artist doesn't let you look in a mirror before starting, which wont happen lol)
  5. My first tattoo was a panther smack dab on the middle of my forearm a year ago. I loved the design of panther the minute I saw it but being my first tattoo, I wanted to be sure if I really wanted to go with it on my forearm. I knew I wanted it to be seen but if I was really ready, that was the next question. Well after 3-4 months of thinking about it and plenty of talks with siblings and friends, some trying to convince me not to get it and others reminding me what I would be doing - I finally got it. It was a pretty bold testament to expressing myself without the care of what others think along with a lifetime decision for long sleeves if I pursue a line of work that requires no visible tattoos. Regardless, I couldn't be happier, and the placement I believe adds to the power and strength the design possesses and a year later I'm still as happy as ever with my decision every time I look down to see it. What did you have in mind? Were you thinking about a dagger or weapon of some sort?
  6. Thank you very much! :) The dagger wasn't too bad at all, it brushed up on my collar bone a little bit and that was an odd feeling but it was very brief on that area. Other than that- the tops of my shoulders were a breeze, and I'm a super skinny guy so I was curious how it'd be in that area as well. But Austin Maples knocked it out in 2 and a half hours and was extremely genuine and personable, so I think that's what made the experience that much better. I haven't been tattooed anywhere else but my arm, but I'd definitely say the inside of my forearm where I got my snake rose was really annoying, sensitive skin and after maybe 3 and a half to 4 hours I was over it lol. The elbow wasn't fun either but to answer your question simply, the tops of the shoulders were nothing to be worried about.
  7. I'm heading to my artist today to set up an appointment for a Rollo Eagle on the outside of my shoulder, can't wait!
  8. They were done by Steve Goodspeed. I got them done while he was working at Fine Tattoo Work in Orange, California. He recently moved shops and is currently at Goldrush Tattoo in Costa Mesa, California. Here is his Instagram: Steve Goodspeed
  9. Here's what I've gotten over about a year, from first to last. All were done by the same artist except the last one (the dagger) which was done by Austin Maples.
  10. Done by Austin Maples at Idle Hand Tattoo in San Francisco, CA
  11. Done by Steve Goodspeed at Fine Tattoo Work in Orange, CA
  12. Wyatt Strange


    Done by Steve Goodspeed at Fine Tattoo Work in Orange, CA
  13. Done by Steve Goodspeed at Fine Tattoo Work in Orange, CA
  14. Wyatt Strange


    Done by Steve Goodspeed at Fine Tattoo Work in Orange, CA
  15. Wyatt Strange


    Done by Steve Goodspeed at Fine Tattoo Work in Orange, CA
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