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  3. Hi All! My name is Whitney and I joined LST while searching the internet for help in regards to a rash my new tattoo has developed. I got the tattoo 6 weeks ago and it healed fine with no complications- peeled twice, no issues, etc etc. Within the last week though, the outlines have developed a bumpy, itchy rash. It's only the outlines, none of the filled in areas. Luckily, the bumps aren't blistering but are quite large nonetheless. I applied a heavy sunscreen to it several times last week while I was out in the sun and then switched from Lubriderm to a Neutrogena Skin Oil. Could these two c
  4. Whitney Tracy

    img 7809

    Bumpy rash on outline
  5. Whitney Tracy

    img 7808

    Bumpy rash on outline
  6. Whitney Tracy

    img 7807

    Bumpy rash on outline
  7. Whitney Tracy

    img 7804

    Bumpy rash on outline
  8. Whitney Tracy

    img 7803

    Bumpy rash on outline
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