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    Junior tattoo collector in the making. General body modification enthusiast. I support my fellow young ladies in their quests for infinity-symbol-dream-catcher-feather-owl-white-ink wrist tattoos with hidden names, but the call for such a quest has not yet struck me.
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    Writing, gaming, reading, coffee, cats, getting pierced, fashion, and philosophy
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    Student/interning all summer, every summer

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  1. I think what you're saying is partially true. I know that tattoos are no longer seen to be nearly as deviant as they once were, (in fact, I'd say having one or two small tattoos is mainstream), but at the same time, the industry of tattooing is still associated with the whole societial-rebel scene of not giving a fuck. I think that as far as individuals go, however, the whole stereotype of the "deviant, doesn't-give-a-fuck" attitude is modernly only applied to those of us who choose to get sleeves or any visible multitude of tattoos, because that isn't "normal" yet. But stereotypes are just s
  2. I agree with other comments saying this tattoo could use some more color. When I saw the original design, I thought it would look best with the classic green and red tones, so I was a bit confused when I saw that there were colored flowers in the back as well as color in the skull, but the snake was left untouched. It does look a little unfinished since there is color in those areas of the tattoo, but not the snake. The blue in the skull is a unique choice, and it definitely could be blended in better with the rest of the piece if maybe there was a hint of blue in the snake as well. Right now
  3. So, I thought getting tattooed was supposed to cure the itch? Maybe it's because my artist is now giving Saniderm to all his clients and the healing has been a dream thus far, but I feel no difference in my level of itch. I've had most of my tattoos planned for years, so perhaps I'm just tired of waiting. I just want to get tattooed again, right now, even though I have a tattoo currently healing on my thigh. I can't get no satisfaction, I suppose.
  4. I just got this done a few hours ago by my local artist Jared Sark at Infinite Expressions Tattoo Personally, I'm thrilled with it, but because I joined this site to learn how a seasoned tattoo collector looks at tattoos, I'd love to hear your guys' opinions on this piece!
  5. Honestly, the teeth don't throw me off at all, it's just the overall shape of the face/position of the ears that makes the mouth a focal point to me. I agree with @bedoktime and I would say it's a fine tattoo as it is. Also, Boston Terriers are sweet dogs! I approve! I don't think that it would look odd if the teeth were fixed with blank ink though. I think it would still look just fine, in fact! In the end, it's your tattoo and if that's what you need to ask your artist to do in order for you to love it with no regrets, I'm sure (s)he'll have absolutely no problem doing that for you!
  6. @pidjones Oh for sure! I'm lucky in the fact that most of my emotional hurting about my disability actually doesn't come from malice at all. It's just people trying to be nice that mostly hurts me (praying for Jesus to "fix" me in my high school classes, in front of my friends, saying I was born this way for a reason, calling me an inspiration, saying I exist to make others feel more grateful for what they have, all that supposedly "nice" stuff actually hurts me deeply), and I'm actually grateful for that, because I've traveled to places where the things that hurt disabled people aren't accide
  7. Thanks very much! Feeling welcome already!
  8. Oh man, I'm gonna eat up that interview section! Sadly, I'm not a "selfie" kinda girl so the only picture I have of my work is my first tattoo when it was freshly done. I figure I can see it any time I please so I don't keep updated documentation on its progress now that it's nice and healed up. I might get around to updating it, but alas, shoulder blades aren't the easiest things to get pictures of. The piece I'm getting on the 1st will be on my leg, which I admit I'm nervous about because who knows how my palsied muscles will react, but at least it'll be easy to show off and snap photos of!
  9. Thank you so much for this! While I drool over "big names" as much as any other tattoo fan would, it'll take a few years before I can get under their needles. Jared Sark is my local friend and artist, and I believe that being tattooed by a friend provides a touch to the art that you can't get any other way. I'm sure LST will satisfy my tattoo itch in between pieces and I'm excited to learn more about the craft through veterans and my fellow college-age kids alike!
  10. Honestly, I feel extremely fortunate. I grew up fascinated by tattoos, even the little temporary ones, and my parents, one being fifty and the other being late-forties, aren't very old in my opinion. They don't like tattoos at all, mind you. My father hates them more openly than my mother, but to be fair to them, their only experiences with tattoos were old biker/sailor/prison culture myths and the occasional dolphin tramp stamp or fairy tattoo that my babysitters would get with the money my parents paid them to look after me. My parents are lovely people, so they never told other people how t
  11. Thanks, haha. I know tattoo collectors around here are into dropping some pretty big names, and I hope to one day be able to post the same names in connection to work on my body, for now, my local shop is my haven. I'm glad my story is starting on a good note. - - - Updated - - - Aw, thanks! I guess people my age haven't been broken down by the world enough to put a bridle on their enthusiasm, haha! Looking forward to growing on these forums and sharing my future ink adventures!
  12. Hi there, Last Sparrow community! My name is Emily. I'm just a junior tattoo-collector in the making, young of age, and the only patches covered on my body were done by local artists (who, fortunately, also happen to have the most solid portfolios, excellent customer service, technical ability, and, of course, cleanliness around. There are multiple shops in my area, but I am lucky in the fact that the very best is fifteen minutes away from my home.) I'm currently a university student/summer-working-intern saving money for tattoo-oriented travel to the artists whose works tug at my heartstring
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