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    Tattoo artist at Fortune Tattoo
  1. O. Britz


    Lemongrass is right down the street from our shop! Stop by Fortune Tattoo if you get a chance! We're across the river from the Ace Hotel on SE 17th & Burnside. Have fun!!
  2. First I'll show you this: And then I'll tell you this: My boyfriend made a collage a few years ago in prepartion for his thesis that got turned into something....famous. Well, it got swallowed up by the internet and reappropriated thousands of times until it finally made it to the tattoo wall of shame for hipster tattoos. On the plus side he's been credited on Know Your Meme, and attended an "Internet Culturefest" as "The Guy Who Created Hipster Kitty." Definitely not what he wants to be known for! Here's the original collage he made for our friend Allison, one of my tattoo clients. It's h
  3. Is that "Let's Party" a Curt Baer piece? It's amazing.
  4. I've seen a few photos of him after the tattoo, and yes it's real. Yikes!!!!!
  5. Your tattoos are always incredible Val but this one may be my favorite.
  6. O. Britz

    Smoking Gypsy

    Enjoying a jazz cigarette or two.
  7. O. Britz


    half octopus half siren!
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