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  1. I'm going Saturday and maybe Friday night. But Saturday for sure. Nothing booked yet, probably just going to bring cash and maybe walk up somewhere.
  2. As much as I love WH40k I would recommend against getting that much text.
  3. Hey, welcome. That's gonna be tricky to cover but, as mentioned, something big and bold will cover it completely. Cost might be your biggest obstacle.
  4. zetroc

    Design Ideas

    Welcome! My suggestion would be to consider getting these as separate tattoos. It really depends on what your memories are, and if they can be distilled into objects that will evoke those specific memories.
  5. zetroc


    Welcome! Also worth checking out is Art Work Rebels: http://artworkrebels.com/
  6. Uncommon for sure, especially without asking you first. At least you can have them covered.
  7. The Saniderm is going to trap some fluid, so it'll look blotchy under there, but it's not like the design itself is moving or distorting. Nothing to worry about.
  8. Welcome! Your tattoos look great! You have nothing to worry about, it's not like there are tattoo layout police.
  9. Guessing this is on somebody else - why don't you ask them?
  10. The Ed Hardy show at the de Young museum is INCREDIBLE. I'm going back ASAP. Absolutely incredible. The exhibition catalog is on sale in the gift shop along with a bunch of other books like Beyond Skin and Kahlil's volume of Drawings for Tattoos. Bring your whole paycheck.
  11. Definitely breathe as evenly as possible. You might have to force yourself to stop holding your breath. And make sure you eat properly beforehand.
  12. Interesting topic. I'd rather get a bad or OK tattoo from a great person than an incredible tattoo from an unpleasant or shitty person. That's just me though. (agree on the Warriors, the Bay is spoiled now and they really seem to just be cashing out) also I visited Scotland for the first time and was on a boat that played Scottish accordion music, and now it's my favorite genre. Sandy Brechin is a great example.
  13. It won't be done healing for quite a while. Give it a few months.
  14. I got a panther on my arm and by coincidence it covered some gnarly scar tissue from a bike crash - about 1" x 5" - very well. Not super hairy though.
  15. Oh man! I just got back from Paris on Monday, and while I didn't get tattooed, I did stop into Tin-Tin Tatouages and it's a very cool shop. Small, but with a very talented group of people, and lots of Mondial memorabilia. I stayed on Rue Lepic so it was only about two blocks away. Paris is great to just walk around and it's easy to take the metro everywhere.
  16. +1 on leave it alone and get more stuff around it later.
  17. You can always cover it with a panther and get another one in the opposite orientation. Welcome!
  18. I keep a list of ideas and write stuff down that pops into my head. Once in a while I go over the list and see if anything really strikes me, or if the bloom is off the rose for an idea I cross it off.
  19. That's not a good idea by any stretch of the imagination, but it's your money, and your penis.
  20. I like it! In six months you won't even be thinking about it. Like Hogrider said, there is no such thing as a perfect tattoo and the idea that a tattoo will stay the same forever, or that a tattoo can even be "perfect", is a myth. Welcome!
  21. Got a shark on my leg from Matt Howse at Idle Hand, and the next day my brother got a similar shark on his right shoulder. Matt's sharks are the best, and he's a great guy. Turns out we went to the same high school. What are the odds?
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