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  1. Wow, that's such a difference! Thanks for continuing the thread. I can't wait to see the Joel rework.
  2. Maybe it's just an over easy egg and it's a little brown from the fried butter
  3. At a museum once, saw the alphabet into colored pencil tips. I thought that was pretty cool, but those sculptures are AMAZING!
  4. To me, a tattoo (like any piece of art) can symbolize whatever you feel. It can also symbolize nothing at all, that's up to you. To me, this tattoo looks like it could represent an intimate relationship, or someone's love of cosplay, or their love of tattoos. It could represent their parents who have passed away. It could be characters from a graphic novel that they love. It could simply be an image they really like. If you want your tattoo to mean something, pick something that means something to you. I have mandala that represents my three kids, it was designed specifically to mean
  5. I think it looks great! It's beautiful and well positioned. I only have 2 tattoos (so I'm barely past the tattoo virgin phase), and it took me more time to get used to my bigger one, so I think there is something to sometimes needing more time to get used to bigger ones. My vote goes to waiting until you are more used to this one before adding to the sleeve (for me, more change right away would just add more anxiety). I hope you enjoy this tattoo more and more each day, because it's very pretty.
  6. I think it's beautiful and stunning. I love it's placement and that it is only on half of your back (I love asymmetry). I can relate to your tattoo remorse. I am also a mom in my 40s and recently got my first and second tattoos. Both times I had a little freak out, but I grew to love them. For me it definitely took a some time to feel like they were my tattoos and part of me. I hope that you will grow to love it because it really does look amazing, strong & powerful.
  7. Blaue


    Welcome, Steven! I just got my first tattoo. I originally thought I would do a small animal for each of my kids, but I couldn't settle on exactly what. I ended up doing a mandala and each ring represents one of my children. My artist also does astrology so he took each of their birthdays and incorporated elements from their signs into the design. That said, if anyone ever sees it, they will have no idea what it represents, but to me it represents my kids and it is also a design that moves me. So if you think outside the box, you can come up with something. Do you want the dates specific
  8. I am on day 6 and I have super itchy moments. I hope this is shorter lived than when I've had poison ivy.
  9. We watch on Hulu. My husband laughs and knows what we are watching from the other room based on how often the language sensor beeps. I like seeing the tattoos, but wish the critiques had more air time. My neophyte eyes can't always tell what they are criticizing. I will happily admit that I found my tattoo artist from this show. One of the shop's owners was on as a guest judge. I have googled a couple of people on the show, so I googled this guest judge because he is in NYC. Then I fell in love with the work of one of the artists in that shop. And now I am the proud bearer of art from a
  10. I'm blaue_Augen most places online (which means blue eyes) ... but something happened to the _Augen here and now, apparently, I'm just blue.
  11. I liked the video, thanks for sharing. I want to go hug my folks now ... :)
  12. Tomorrow I get my first tattoo at Saved in NYC with John Sultana. I'm nervous and excited! ... eeep! (I feel like I'm bragging, saying from where/whom I'm getting my tattoo, but I'm supposed to share that info, right?)
  13. Hello and welcome and another new forum member. I can't help with your questions, but I wanted to say I like your drawings! Good luck!
  14. Maybe this will sound stupid, but why don't you try drawing on yourself (or have a friend draw it) with markers to see if it bugs you? In my defense, I have little kids and we draw on each other all the time. I do think the octopus sounds cool and I don't think seeing the tentacles near any other tattoos would bother me depending on how close they get. Also, at the moment I'm a tattoo virgin, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. :)
  15. Hi! I just joined the site myself and am also tattooless at the moment. As I read your post, it could have been me writing it ... until you got to the punched in the face part ... that didn't happen to me. I know exactly how you feel about wanting the tattoo to mean something significant. I recently figured out what I want and have even made my appointment. A suggestion for your tattoo ... something that will represent you breaking your behavior that you don't like. A broken chain or a bird flying from a cage or a butterfly representing a metamorphosis from the bad behavior. (sorry for th
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