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  1. the tattooing in barber shops that I speak of was way before 1961, when tattooing was banned in NYC. - - - Updated - - - Assuming that tattooing done, today, in a hair joint is bad may be a bit prejudgemental. There was a shop/hair place in Baton Rouge that wasn't around for long called Perkins Road Parlor. They had some solid tattooers, one was Ken Cox. Great Guy. Solid weirdo traditionalish tattoos. check him out.
  2. I am a tattooer visiting San Fransisco September2-7. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions of bookstores or any other sites tattoo and art related that i should visit. Of course the tattoo museum, MOMA, and the arboretum are on my list. I know there's gotta be some bookstores in China Town and Little Tokyo that have some great reference books. I am particularly interested in aquiring Japanese mythology and art instructional books. I was also curious of the etiquette about dropping in on some of the better shops in town. Any help would be appreciated.
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    bringing back the gonz

    a recent painting
  4. It is not a new trend at all. In the early 1900s many tattooers worked out of barber shops, especially in New York. One that i can think of (who is still around) is Stan Moskowitz. I do understand and agree with your dissappointment. I don't consider a haircut as much more than a temporary grooming procedure(i am bald). To keep a positive light i will try to think of this as things going full circle and remember that water always finds it's mark.
  5. also, as far as the growth part of your question, watch the Kore Flatmo interview.
  6. Ed Hardy, hands down, in my opinion. I remember the first "fine art-tattoo" exhibit that I went to. It was in L.A. about 1991. That alone predates any tattoo reality show by a long shot. Also a much better tattoo artist in all aspects of what that means to me.
  7. i use a pelican case for my machines and power supply. i put my inks in my luggage in a tupperware and each bottle is individually double (thin) ziplock bagged. open all your ink bottles in the bag prior to use and let air pressure do its thing. I have been very embarressed by a bottle that blasted ink everywhere when opened outside of bag next to client.
  8. I would agree that cochon and oyster po-boys are awesome. and also, that Eye Candy and Tattoo-a-Go-Go are the best shops in the area. Randy Muller at Eye Candy is amazing. Call before visiting hours are sketchy and the nieghborhood even sketchier. Don Davis is a solid great tattooist who runs a great shop and should be visited.
  9. bitchen..... Larry bone and all the guys at Tattoo-A-Go-Go are great tattooers and guys. Be sure to eat at Cochon next time down there. And, if you can make it a little further south come visit me at Marvel art in Houma. We can get some real down-the-bayou food and hang out with Emily, the gator in backyard(if i don't eat her before then).
  10. New Orleans.............. good food, it's all over. One of my new faves is Cochon on Tchoupitoulas st. in the warehouse district. The pork cheeks are my favorite on the menu. They cure there own meats and have a sandwich/ butcher shop behind the main resturaunt. So many of there meats are the best i've ever had, the hogshead chese, hot dogs, boudin, andouille, balogna. sooooo goooood !!!
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