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    rleger reacted to Kev in what do you guys think of Peter Aurisch?   
    I bet hipsters LOVE this guy.
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    rleger got a reaction from nicky papers in Bookstores in San Fransisco?   
    thanks nicky. i will definetly check that out.
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    rleger reacted to Jennifer Stell in Does My Tattoo Look Bad?   
    Richard said this to me once, or twice... He heard it from Hardy First... I have tattoos I hate... It's one of those... You can live with it, it'll teach you one way or another...
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    rleger reacted to David Flores in Does My Tattoo Look Bad?   
    Looks fine to me, now its time to fill up the rest of your arms.
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    rleger reacted to briankelly in The end of an apprentice - sacking your mentor.   
    i guess i agree with the other tattooer you talked to. your wife is going to have to toughen up if she wants to tattoo. if you cry after fucking something up, you probably need to find a new profession. when i finish a tattoo, all i see are the mistakes i made. i don't cry about it, i try to do better the next time. the very nature of tattoo is that there are going to be flaws. what happens when you're trying to pull a nice clean long line on somebody's ribs who's squirming around and making it impossible. just do the best you can. oh, and i've only been tattooing for about 8 years, but i've never seen an apprenticeship go how it ideally should.
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    rleger reacted to Bubbleberry in The end of an apprentice - sacking your mentor.   
    Of course it seems fishy - if there was not something wrong she would be there and there would be no problem. I guess we knew from the start there was a problem, but thought that it may be ok, or he would not be telling her to tattoo people, right?
    Wrong !
    Brian, I would be interested in what your thoughts are? I spoke to another artist today, in another well known studio, who stated that it was not how they apprentice people, but, like you indicated, she would have to tough up, get used to making mistakes, and learn how to fix them.
    I think if it had been fixed she would have been OK with it. As Kore Flatmo said in his interview - " I can beat my niece in arm wrestling - it does not mean I am strong - you have to compare yourself with the best, not the worst."
    So what would those who consider themselves good tattooists have done ?
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    rleger reacted to MsRad in Letter to City Council members / Dept. of Health regarding Tattoo Schools   
    my only question, and i'm only asking because this issue has been discussed on here, is does this bring too much government attention then to tattooing in general? will this then be grounds for more regulation on tattooing as a whole?
    i'm all for writing letters, but i guess i'm also worried that it will do more harm than good. maybe it won't though?
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    rleger reacted to Ursula in worrying trend in my area , shops offering haircuts, manicures and tattoos!   
    There's tattoo shops in the malls in Jacksonville, FL.
    It's fucked because it's home to one of the best shops in the world and they've got 5 locations, yet people still go to the shitty mall shop when they could be getting tattooed by Mike Wilson for the same price and actually get a piece of art they can be proud to wear for the rest of their lives.
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    rleger reacted to mario desa in worrying trend in my area , shops offering haircuts, manicures and tattoos!   
    i stopped caring about shit like this, or i'd be angry 24/7/365. either way i'm tattooing and will continue to tattoo, i don't give a shit what's going on where...
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    rleger reacted to Mel Noir in Tattoos in stretch marked areas   
    Ursulas advice = ridiculously sound.
    Every stretch mark will be different, so I think you should take this advice. :) I think people like to ask questions online because it's not intimidating, but to be honest most tattoo studios aren't either, so just go to one you think looks great and see what they have to say, you'll be sorted in no time :)
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    rleger reacted to Lochlan in Henk Schiffmacher on the art of Tattoo and the essence of Amsterdam - video   
    Just saw this tattoo video of Henk Schiffmacher and figured others on here would enjoy it.....

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    rleger reacted to Mel Noir in Ed Hardy or Ami James   
    I'm going to ho off the fence into Ed Hardy's corner, here. I get what you're saying, though I think Ed Hardy's been a lot more influential. From my perspective, anyway. I don't own a TV (I'll admit I've seen one episode of Miami Ink.. maybe two of LA Ink?), yet adore tattoos to the point where I'm making a living writing about them. Furthermore, I could look at a tattoo from Ed Hardy and know it's by him straight away- can't say the same thing for Ami James. I'm fairly sure I'm not the only person with this perspective.
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    rleger reacted to Petri Aspvik in Ed Hardy or Ami James   
    Without Ed Hardy there wouldnt have even been reality tattoo shows.
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    rleger reacted to ian in Ed Hardy or Ami James   
    you watch too much TV...
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    rleger reacted to mario desa in Artist Uniforms   
    FUCK THAT. that being said, i do think people should be presentable, clean and wearing clean clothes, decent shoes, etc. i heard a saying from rollo..."if you're gonna ask somebody for $100, you better look like $100". but as for official uniforms, FUCK THAT.
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    rleger reacted to Ursula in art ownership   
    I'm gonna start this off by saying I am NOT a tattooer.
    What I have learned from being around the tattoo community for a while now is that it's more about the quality of work than being a tattooer or as you call it an outsider. (I don't consider myself an outsider because I have just as many tattoos, know all the same people and have worked in shops)
    If your art holds up to the test, it doesn't matter where you came from or who you are. I have had zero problem selling my hand embroidered flash and sewn items to tattooers and outsiders alike (after working on my craft for over 10 years)
    If you love art do it. And if stay with what you love in the end it doesn't matter.
    The one last thing I'd like to add is this: if you make money off the tattoo industry in any way you better damn well put some of that money back into it by getting tattoos, or buying other people's art.
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