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    from Arizona, working on BFA in the north east, licensed stuntman
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    art, tattoos, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, photography, girls with tattoos
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  1. Ace Grimm


    thats gorgeous, great work ~
  2. Ace Grimm


    haha i do not look like that guy, he seems a little more bad ass than me. I've only done small gigs (basically all low budget films), getting set on fire a few times, falling out of windows and rolling out of cars. It was just a fun thing to do, figured why not? getting hurt doesn't pay to well though lol.
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    Hi ! Im Ace, i'm from Arizona, but currently living in Vermont finishing up a BFA degree, while wandering around a bit. I love the tattoo culture and I've been looking to educate myself more in the industry--this site seems like a great community, glad to be apart of it ! ~aG~