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  1. The Red Anchor Tattoo Co. in beautiful downtown Plymouth, Michigan has an opening for the right person. Full time preferred, part time considered. Very strong portfolio a must. We have an excellent shop environment, competitive pay and many shop essentials covered for artists. All the usuals apply, no drugs, assholes, hacks, etc. Visit our FB page ( to check us out and send all contact inquiries to Thanks.
  2. Radiophonicus

    TLC sneak peak preview

    No I didn't. I'm gathering it's a big joke and I missed it. Oops.
  3. Radiophonicus

    TLC sneak peak preview

    By posting these videos and upping the view count, you're only helping TLC support this shit product. Knock it off.
  4. Radiophonicus


    Bert Krak, Mario Desa, and Dusty Neal are on my list right now. Of course, that's all dependent upon how well this summer goes for me financially.
  5. Radiophonicus

    Tattooers with little to no tattoos

    If someone is going to respect me less because I'm not heavily covered, I'd say that's their problem and not mine and I'm not so sure I'd want their accolades anyway.
  6. Radiophonicus

    Tattooers with little to no tattoos

    I don't have a bunch of tattoos so I guess that puts me in the "little" category. It's certainly not from lack of wanting, but I don't settle for junk shit and I don't have the money to pay for what I want right now as I have a 15 year old daughter. If that makes me less of a tattooist then fuck it, I'll take the clientele I get.
  7. Radiophonicus

    Capt Don record

    Ya know I would, but I honestly don't know what is fair and I'd hate to insult you on such a great item.
  8. Radiophonicus

    well... this is horrifying.

    Yeah, I'd have to say fake. The coloring "technique" shown using that lime green wouldn't produce a nice solid fill. They also edited out any part that might show wiping excess ink, blood, plasma or any other fluid. However, (and sadly) even if it were real, it's still far from the dumbest tattoo I've seen.
  9. Radiophonicus

    Capt Don record

    Do you have a dollar amount in mind?
  10. Radiophonicus

    Capt Don record

    That's super cool. I wish I had something I thought had enough value to offer a trade.
  11. I've had an absolute rash of people lately who want nothing more than to narrate themselves with seemingly useless phrases and quotes. No flow, lousy font type and placed in awkward areas. We have one fake rapture and now the whole damn tattoo world needs to come in and get a bible verse (or 12) just in case the next one isn't a fire drill. I feel better now, thanks.
  12. Radiophonicus

    Can I get an opinion on this

    Well I know I'm new here, but I'm going to play the bad guy. That tattoo is terrible. There isn't one redeeming quality in the whole thing. The line work is choppy and inconsistent, the shading (if you want to call it that) looks like it was done with a prison tattoo "gun" as it's uneven, splotchy and simply in the wrong areas, and in 10 years this thing will be an unrecognizable mess. If I'm reading the photo correctly, it's put on backwards too. You don't need to get a "traditional" portrait to have a nice tattoo of a loved one, but I would run, not walk, to the nearest and best portrait artist you have and see if there's any help at all for this thing.
  13. Radiophonicus

    The Netflix Thread

    Are you referring to "The Plan"?
  14. Radiophonicus

    The Netflix Thread

    Battlestar Galactica - What else is there to say?