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    Gittin old fast. Damn. still busted.
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    I dig stuff people make.
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  1. promises are made to be broken...right?
  2. WTF...over...
  3. nice attempt at advertising.....
  4. lets pretend i still look like this...
  5. flash is to tattooing as standards are to music, shapes and formulas, composition to leap from. Plagarism will always exist. Its part of cultural growth.
  6. thee fresh unhealed finger tattoo. googled. never a good example.but that's the trend. all day long.
  7. we love walk-ins...happy holidays...
  8. no rules anymore......
  9. skin should also be involved.......
  10. wow!!!!! the future scares me......
  11. WTFHTTT.....(whatthefuckhappenedtothisthread)
  12. to me photorealism is a very specific genre of tattooing. This is the type of artist you need to find.. portfolios are very important. I feel like so many walk ins completely miss this point..That very few are diverse enough to pull off everything..