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    I have a Jay Cavna full Japanese back piece--neck to knees. Next step in my body suit is 3/4 sleeves + chest panels. Gonna be weird to have a tattoo someplace I can actually see without contortion and/or mirrors.
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    Phoenix, AZ
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    jazz, blues, and tattoos
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    I write.

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  1. Fantastic. I do love me some tiger tattoos.
  2. I decided it's nothing but animals for me. My back piece has three. The rest of me will fit 8-10 more.
  3. I did the laser thing before mine. I'm not particularly hairy, but I was planning for a Buddha back piece (ended up changing that) and didn't want him to sport a five o'clock shadow. Multiple laser sessions should be spaced out by six weeks or thereabouts because of hair growth cycles, so plan accordingly.
  4. Ha. The drawers. Just drop 'em, hop on the table, and you're good to go.
  5. All of these elaborate schemes. Am I the only guy who just dropped 'em?
  6. Yeah, I told the guy that I really liked the buffalo head. It's a strong tattoo. When I asked him about filler--he's got pretty much the rest of his arm covered--I thought we were going to talk about stars and such. Didn't see that suit and tie thing coming.
  7. I wasn't just called a tattoo snob per se, but a coworker took umbrage when I implored him to not add a suit and floppy tie to the very cool buffalo head he recently had done on his shoulder. He disagreed that doing so would A) completely sap the power of the image and/or B) come off as clever for cleverness' sake. I told him, "It's your dermis." I was trying to give us both a conversational out, but that escalated things and he responded sarcastically with: "I'm glad you're okay with me getting the tattoos I want." Ha! Oh, well. I'll keep my mouth shut next time.
  8. I don't have the process figured out, either. I completely changed my back piece concept six weeks before my first session. This, after Jay Cavna and I had planned on something else for over a year. After Jay finished my back, I asked him if he was happy with the change. Turns out we both were.
  9. I can relate. I've been a bit bummed out since finishing my back a week or so ago. Like you, no regrets or anything. Just feels weird having an endeavor so big in different respects--time, pain, money, et al.--come to a screeching halt. I should probably do like you and get the next thing going, but I want to enjoy having something finished on me for a while. I guess some people are never happy. Ha!
  10. Thanks, @jacobhh. Glad I can contribute a little something to all the great stuff here. - - - Updated - - - @gougetheeyes -- Thanks, man. Grew tired of posting progress, so I just waited until it was finished. You need to update your blog more often. Good stuff on that. I like your writing. - - - Updated - - - @hogg -- Thanks much. That's high praise, given what's on your back. I'm just fortunate that things came together for me to get this.
  11. After 14 sessions spanning 15 months, I'm thrilled to say that my back piece--courtesy of Jay Cavna--is finished. It's a rooster/boar/snake battle royale with peonies. We just wrapped it up a few hours ago. I couldn't be happier with it and am blown away by Jay's skill and commitment to his work. Here's the pic.
  12. I'm waiting for delivery of those same prints. Gonna frame them to hang in my new office. I'm not even a cat person (except for the Jay Cavna tiger I plan to get next), but there's something special about those paintings.
  13. I love how many times he makes it a point to say he has "no rules." Invariably, that's a sign someone's trying way too hard.
  14. Of the dozen sessions I've had on my back, the bookends were the worst--the first because it ran long and the last because my mental and physical state was shit. The ten in between don't stick out as being all that bad. Not to say I wasn't angry at the conclusion of a few. I tend to get irritated the longer I'm prodded with needles.
  15. Do this. I love the big snake on my back as part of my battle royale--just a super great animal to have in that spot.
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