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    Got my first tat at the age of 16 on a drunken whim. Had it professionally covered at 21 and very unhappy with the cover up. Have put of getting any more tats since then. Now at 41 tattoos are calling me again and I'm looking for an artist to start my on my canvas again. I'm hoping to find someone very versatile and skilled in realistic portrait for 1 of my pieces and very skilled in Japanese traditional for the cover up if possible as well as a couple more works slowly working into a Japanese shirt. Hopefully this site can steer me in the right direction.
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    Collecting Knives, working on Cars, & Photoshop
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    Crewleader of a mixing crew at a pharmaceutical rubber company
  1. I appreciate any and all comments from everyone. My 1st tat was a drunken whim at 16 and the cover up was a spur of the moment thing with out investigating or anything at 18. I'm a lot older and wiser now and am seriously looking this time. I really don't want another disappointment. Thank you in advance for any and all help everyone. It is truly appreciated.
  2. Thanks Marley I'll look into them. I appreciate any and all comments.
  3. Hi everyone I'm in the South Jersey area. I'm looking for artists in the area to do portrait tat and a few Traditional Japanese tats. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated. I'm really looking for a capable artist.