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  1. Old Traditional Referance

    And my new sheet. Another Doc King idea I took and changed for one of them. I love painting.
  2. Old Traditional Referance

    I picked up a copy of Lost Love from Yellowbeak last year. Totally amazing book, rich with tattoo heritage and full of a gold mine of ideas. Like Brian, I like to redraw the older ones. But, I'm no expert, it's just something I love doing. Here area couple of Doc King pieces I redrew and a Sailor Frank one (although that's more of a straight up repaint).
  3. Hey there!

  4. Hello!

    Cheers guys! How are you all?
  5. Painting Methods & Materials

    Hey! just wanted to say thanks. This thread has been a wealth of knowledge for me. finally getting somewhere with a mix of FW acrylics, talents drawing ink, PH Martens, nib pens and brushes. Picked up some arches cold press recently but I'm not 100% sold on it jus to yet. It is VERY rough in comparison to the Langton Prestige paper which I normally use. So far that is the best paper I have used. Works well for me. Here is a recent one I did using the materials above, but with Langton.
  6. Hello!

    In the words of Chris Collohan, I'm a long time listener, but a first time caller. been a long time user of these forums for reading and searching but only just decided to sign up to make some contributions if feel I can. but hello, thanks for having me! I hope I bring something to the forums!
  7. Where does your username come from or mean?

    Hassan I Sabbah were an excellent US band. I carry night under my arms is a lyric from one of their songs and I use it for almost everything with regards to screen names etc.