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  1. When I first posted in this thread (almost 4.5 years ago ha!) I said my ribs. The palm of my hand was so much worse. SO MUCH WORSE.
  2. My oldest is six and she doesn't even see mine or my wife's tattoos. It's like they aren't even there. My two year old, on the other hand, is checking out what I have for tattoos whenever he has the chance. I wouldn't be surprised if my daughter never got a tattoo, and my son came home with a hand poked anarchy symbol at 13. Haha.
  3. Damn Frank. That is a hell of a list. Did Ian Flower do the snake on your noggin?
  4. Patrick

    Josg McAlear

    Josg McAlear
  5. Patrick

    Jef Whitehead skull

    Jef Whitehead
  6. Patrick

    Jef Whitehead

    Jef Whitehead
  7. Portsmouth...spring...make it happen dude. Haha.

  8. Great news about Philly! The wife and I are going to start planning our trip out there now. Hopefully this will give us plenty of time to get someone to watch the kiddo for a couple of nights.

    Dari had mentioned the possibility of the Post-London-Convention-Barcelona-Trip, and it sounds like it would be an awesome time.

  9. i talked to karl today and its on for philly for sure and im gonna try to work at jinx proof after as well. pretty stoked havent been out in a long while. as for the head probably after london unless i can con him into coming back sooner. hope your well.

  10. That's awesome. Good choices. I have my chest saved for Steve Byrne, and the right side of my ribs for Aaron Coleman. Neither of them are close to Boston. Haha.
  11. That's awesome. When are you looking to get it finished?

    Any news on coming out to Philly in Feb?

  12. it took about two hours. not bad he stnciled the yantra and dorje part, then tattooed it then stenciled the front mantra tattooed it then stenciled the back on and i was getting sore from all the time in between. so stoked on it i cant wait to get it finished. he totally hooked my wifes arm up, really stoked to see her so tattooed.

  13. Last night I saw a pic of the work that Jondix started on your noggin. Looks great so far. How long did he work on you?

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