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  1. Portsmouth...spring...make it happen dude. Haha.

  2. Great news about Philly! The wife and I are going to start planning our trip out there now. Hopefully this will give us plenty of time to get someone to watch the kiddo for a couple of nights.

    Dari had mentioned the possibility of the Post-London-Convention-Barcelona-Trip, and it sounds like it would be an awesome time.

  3. That's awesome. When are you looking to get it finished?

    Any news on coming out to Philly in Feb?

  4. Last night I saw a pic of the work that Jondix started on your noggin. Looks great so far. How long did he work on you?

  5. Nice job with the full inbox.

  6. Everything is my fault and I am rotten to the core? Wow, you sound like my therapist.

    I figured the email wasn't for me, but thought it was just due to some glitch with the site.

  7. Now that you mention it, I did get a somewhat confusing, cryptic email from you!

  8. Maybe schmaybe!

  9. Yeah huge bummer! Haha.

    Where is he tattooing you?

  10. Welcome to the forum Jay! Post some pictures already!

  11. Pssshhh. Thomas Hooper tattoos are lame. Kidding, kidding, kidding!

  12. Do you have a better pic of the work on your feet? Did Thomas Hopper do them?

  13. That is great to hear! Since that convention is not until Feb, that gives me a bit of time to plan a trip. Drop me a line when you know for sure if you will be there. Thanks!

    I'll check out the interview with Juan today.

  14. I just saw your list of people that you've been tattooed by in Mario's blog. Sounds like you have a great collection!

  15. No problem. Those pictures are a bit old, but I will try to get some newer ones sometime soon.

    How has traffic on the site been so far? It's nice to see a community like this that is open to both tattooers and collectors.



  16. Hi Scott,

    I love your work and hope to get tattooed by you someday. Do you ever make it out to the northeast?



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