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  1. When I first posted in this thread (almost 4.5 years ago ha!) I said my ribs. The palm of my hand was so much worse. SO MUCH WORSE.
  2. My oldest is six and she doesn't even see mine or my wife's tattoos. It's like they aren't even there. My two year old, on the other hand, is checking out what I have for tattoos whenever he has the chance. I wouldn't be surprised if my daughter never got a tattoo, and my son came home with a hand poked anarchy symbol at 13. Haha.
  3. Damn Frank. That is a hell of a list. Did Ian Flower do the snake on your noggin?
  4. Patrick

    Jef Whitehead

    Jef Whitehead
  5. Patrick

    Jef Whitehead skull

    Jef Whitehead
  6. Patrick

    Josg McAlear

    Josg McAlear
  7. Portsmouth...spring...make it happen dude. Haha.

  8. Great news about Philly! The wife and I are going to start planning our trip out there now. Hopefully this will give us plenty of time to get someone to watch the kiddo for a couple of nights.

    Dari had mentioned the possibility of the Post-London-Convention-Barcelona-Trip, and it sounds like it would be an awesome time.

  9. That's awesome. Good choices. I have my chest saved for Steve Byrne, and the right side of my ribs for Aaron Coleman. Neither of them are close to Boston. Haha.
  10. That's awesome. When are you looking to get it finished?

    Any news on coming out to Philly in Feb?

  11. Last night I saw a pic of the work that Jondix started on your noggin. Looks great so far. How long did he work on you?

  12. You beat me to it. Chad put down a buzzard that takes up most of the top of my left thigh in about 3 hours. Marcus Kuhn is pretty fast as well.
  13. Dave Fox, Josh Hoffman, Steve Tiberi, aaaaaaaand my brain has shut off for the night.
  14. Nice job with the full inbox.

  15. Everything is my fault and I am rotten to the core? Wow, you sound like my therapist.

    I figured the email wasn't for me, but thought it was just due to some glitch with the site.

  16. Now that you mention it, I did get a somewhat confusing, cryptic email from you!

  17. Wow...I just read through the rest of the thread, and it seems like Mike Wilson is the winner on this one so far. Haha.
  18. His panthers are great. I saw a pic of one recently on a girl's hand. It was the head and a claw (paw?) coming out of a cut. So clean. I'm pretty jealous of whoever that girl is.
  19. -Steve Byrne or Chad Koeplinger...the fine line work in the leaves that Chad does is rad. -Colored roses -Neck, elbow, hand, or as filler in a nice traditional chest piece -D -I think that what makes or breaks a rose tattoo, is person that is tattooing it. If a good tattooer is doing it, then you're probably going to end up with a good tattoo. Sorry for the short answers, but I'm at work. Haha.
  20. I don't have any band or song tattoos yet, but for years I have had an idea for a Motorhead related tattoo floating around in my head that I want Aaron Coleman to do. Too bad he is way out in AZ. Haha.
  21. So far, I think that my ribs have been the worst. The inside upper thigh wasn't much fun either.
  22. The outer forearm, the top of the thigh, and the outside of the thigh have been the easiest spots for me so far. I was getting my ribs tattooed a couple of years ago, and the girl at the booth next to where I was asked her tattooer about the least painful spot for a tattoo was and his very deadpan response was "On someone else."
  23. Maybe schmaybe!

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