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    Full time EMT, volly Fire Fighter.. Avid hiker and tattoo collecter/drawer. Thats pretty much it in a nut shell :-p
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  1. .... O_o I'm not sure if this or that old southern dude who thought he was a ninja is worse. (Ashida Kim) Kinda excited to see this thread :) Seeing as its fight night tonight at class. Started training in 2001 in Shotokan, "cross trained" in a few other styles when I went through the fire acadamy and emt school. Now finally back after a rocky 4 years to test for my dan. I'd love to get into some sort of mma, just for the hell of it eventually.
  2. Not an artist, but "born again/baptist" christian. But yeah, I don't go to church and I don't thump bibles on peoples head (usually I just straight up punch or gibs slap people) Pretty sure most of my friends don't even know unless they grew up with me. I think the only time I really get into religious stuff is if some one specifically asks. Don't know many artists that I've heard of in my area being Christians.
  3. ....er Lion, haha my bad, I thought lion apparently typed dog
  4. Shishi is the Chinese version, Komainu is the Japanese version.. Okinawa even has their on version, first time I've heard of it called a Snow dog though :) Pretty wicked looking!
  5. An one else stuck on round 99? Pretty sure its been 20+ rounds now and we're still stuck on round 99
  6. I was 18 when I got my first, managed to hide it from my mom for a week when we changed the sheets and I realized i had gotten blood on the sheet.. perfect print of the tattoo itself. My ex drove me down to some location in Philly.. Walked in and he pretty much said we weren't leaving till I picked something off the wall. Coney Island Joes was the name of the shop and Joe (or his son) had just gotten out of jail. Something to do with Hells Angels Yeah. First and last time I went there, that tattoo still bothers me, swells up and gets irritated every once in a while. Crappy piece of tribal.. the picture is from a few hours after it was finished... I should take a picture of it now, so you can see how crappy it is haha
  7. Finally got in to the shop, finishing my Banshee on May 10th, got put on a call list if there is a sooner opening. Wanna knock this one out so I can start plotting my back piece. We're thinking it may be done in two more sessions as we have to do the veil, her neck and neck lace. And then the back ground which is essentially my entire arm. I can't wait, its been to long..
  8. ... Its a polar bear in a snow storm with an advertisement tattooed onto it because of hard times advertising Flicker.. duh? (yeah can't see it either :( )
  9. I believe I spelled that correctly. So here is the deal, I figured I would ask some of you ...experts :) Some of you know I'm going through medic school, well actually going to college for Paramedic. But here is the deal, I am in Anatomy and Physiology and we have been given an assignment to do a research paper about the life and death cycle of a cell. My topic is Apoptosis and how it relates to tattoo fading. I've found about three different web sites that give a small blurb on it and show little drawings of the process. I want to know if there are any scientific brains in here that could elaborate more on this whole step/ process or if I do just have to b.s. my way through 5 paragraphs based on what seems to be repeated information. I can and will if requested post the three links I found discussing it so you guys can get an better understanding of what I'm talking about Thanks for the help boys and girls!!
  10. Dear lord how am I only seeing this thread now?? I could keep you guys entertained for hours with the stupid crap I've done, from Karate injuries, to rugby to a night spent in a cave to stupid little stuff at work. :p
  11. I love my own artist, and I'm not well versed in the whose who in tattooing, but i know some of the big names that have been posted. I'd love to go to some of these guys who have been posted but so far Amber's the only person who can read my mind and know what kind of style I want to use and how to get it to fit with what I already have..
  12. HA! No I've already been told by Amber(artist) that I will have to get some laser work done to it, considering it is the entire upper half of my back.. (see pic)
  13. Now if only my black and blue koi had turned out like that I'd be much happier and not having to worry about my own cover up XD
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