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    I love getting tattooed and learning about tattooing in general, from the history to techniques, I wish I was better at drawing....
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    Bay Area CA
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    Music, gardening, cooking, comedy.
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  1. Ok ok ill keep the negativity focused to what the group consensus deems acceptable. Pabst tastes like ass.
  2. I am in full support of making fun of hipsters, they are some of the funniest people around. But Ive have noticed its usually people who are pretty close to being a hipster themselves that do it the most; people I would call hipsters. Continue the hatred, I love it, but lets spread the hate around a little you know. What about gangsters, bros, douche bags, jocks, preps, hippies, punks, party people, cool guys, all are very funny too. What about blacks?! Oh ya thats not PC.....FUCKING HIPSTERS!
  3. Absolutely no face, neck, hands, wang, or gooch. Though I want the top on my head tattooed, because it can be covered with hair, and exposed in the right circumstances ;)
  4. I was 20 when I walked into Temple Tattoo in Oakland. It was recommended to me by a friend who had some great tattoos by Chris Conn that were done at Temple. I remember first stopping by the marijuana dispensary across the street to pick up my daily smoke bag (I was a heavy smoker) and smoked some in front of the shop. I had no intention of getting tattooed anytime soon, and especially not that day. Suddenly, when the smoke hit me, I became very inspired and excited, almost antsy and anxious (in a good way). I walked into the shop and heard some heavy doom metal, I believe it was Electric Wiza
  5. Some of my favorite knuckle tattoos can be taken very offensively, so I will just leave it at that, because I want to stay on this forum. I guess I have a weird sense of humor, or maybe a tad bit absurd. I will post my favorites, with permission of course...
  6. I got this Baphomet head from Tim Lehi last month. Why? Easily my favorite tattooist, and I think he understands what I am going for. He has tattooed me a few times and always gives me suitable tattoos for me, like he knows me, ha.
  7. "Aye bruh, you hella inked up. dats fresh. YEE!" something like that, oh the joys of Oakland.
  8. I saw a guy with a brass knuckle tattoo below his eye. To me this said "Punch me here, and don't forgot your brass knuckles"
  9. No name

    I'm new, Hi

    After spending hours on this site watching all the interviews, checking at the gallery, and reading just about every forum thread, I thought I should become a member and contribute my dumb opinion. I also want to learn more about tattooing and such. I am just starting to tattoo as a hobby because collecting tattoos has gotten me further and further into the art form. Anyways, hi everyone :)
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