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  1. Thanks for coming over to Last Sparrow Tattoo and starting it off with a blog on Juan Puente. We look forward to more tattoo blog post and tattoo photos.

    Until then....have a good day.

  2. R_V

    Juan Puente

    I just got my second tattoo from Juan. This one is a raven which stretches from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. The other is an old open book wrapped in vines being torn open by an eagle's claw on the left shoulder/upper arm. Both tattoos are beautifully shaded and perfectly done. Juan is an excellent artist, very thorough and a super sweet guy. He has been in the biz for a long while and it shows in his craft and demeanor. I get so many compliments on my tattoos he has done from every kind of person you can imagine. I had a little old lady tell me she had never seen a tattoo she liked before she saw mine. In short, Juan is rad and if you want some quality work and a nice hang out session he is your man.