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  1. Welcome... from a fellow UKer
  2. Saw that on Matt's instagram.... loved the colours of that! Congrats
  3. Welcome... the interviews are what first attracted me to this site. I am glad I joined, you will find everyone friendly here.
  4. New addition to the upper part of my right arm - very fresh, so my skin is still quite pink in the photo. by Richie Clarke, Liverpool UK
  5. Richie Clarke, Liverpool UK
  6. Going to a Friday 13th event at Elm Street is on my bucket list... looks like a fabulous event and I'm very jealous. Have a great time
  7. guyhayton


    Welcome.... from a new initiate and ex-lurker.
  8. Welcome @GarageBuiltIrons this forum is active enough ;) I've been lurking for a while <lol>
  9. Here is my left arm... Done by Richie Clarke, Forever True, Liverpool - September 2015 Because it's on my right shoulder blade a bit difficult to take an uptodate photo, so here is one that I took after it was done six years ago. Size wise I would say it was about four inches in diameter. Done by Richie Clarke in 2009
  10. guyhayton


    Richie Clarke, Forever True, Liverpool
  11. guyhayton


    Richie Clarke, Forever True, Liverpool
  12. Hello... I am also an ex-lurker now recently introduced member. Welcome.
  13. I've been lurking for a while, so apologies in advance for not introducing myself earlier. Got my first tattoo (on my right shoulder) six years ago when my Dad died and I was approaching 40 years old - so I am a relative latecomer! The intervening years have been "interesting" as I got separated and had to buy a new house etc. etc. I now have a partner who has and loves tattoos, so this year the decision was to expand my collection. In September this year I got my left upper arm done with a single large pinup, and in two weeks I am back to have a slightly smaller tattoo added to my right upper arm. Both are/will in the traditional style as this is the style I most identify with personally. However, I admire most other styles on others - well if they are well executed of course! I have also discovered that all future Xmas presents are now sorted... I paid for my girlfriend to have a tattoo a couple of weeks ago (traditional style butterfly) and she was made up. However, I do fear I won't get away to just pointing at her arm on December the 25th <smile> Anyway, thought I'd say hello.... Guy