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  1. oh, and if you're stupid enough to get a glow in the dark tattoo and you get sick, good.
  2. they can pass all the laws they want, it won't stop dirty tattooers and scratchers, just like gun laws don't stop scumbags and criminals from getting and using guns. regulations only mean yearly fees for local health departments and the appearance of quality control to the public.
  3. damn. julio hit it right on the head!
  4. higgs painted three murals in rr's loft. they're awesome and i have pics, but you'll never see them!!!
  5. thanks! sorry for the late reply, i never check my messages on here.

  6. WOW. this is great! it's awesome that you have this after all these years. i wish i had my first machines...a set of spaulding pumas. i do have a couple of frames that were my second liner and second shader. thanks for sharing!
  7. i hate sleeves that go onto the hand. looks awful, ruins the whole thing.
  8. exactly! rob ryan told me he was playing a show with dan and dan spotted a group of bearded-tattooed dudes in the crowd. dan leans over to rob and whispers "they're here!"...hahaha these guys act like dan was lowered to earth from a ufo driven by jesus. he was a great tattooer, is a great artist and musician...they're turning him into a sid vicious type cartoon charecter to use as an icon to express your tribe and show how cool you are. what they don't realize is that shit is exactly what dan hated about tattooing. .
  9. higgs is a talented, eccentric MAN. not a divine guru. this whole "cult of higgs" that has sprung up the last few years is fucking stupid.
  10. yeah, i know the forcefields came from old sheets, but bert and the boys picked it up and it was immediately copied and absorbed. boltz told me they kinda did it as an amusing experiment, to see how fast it would be copied. it took two days for some kid in argentina to copy it and post it online haha...
  11. i talk people out of backgrounds and useless additions all the time. i see so much garbage online. people just throw every trick in the book in there. or just tack on a bunch of roses around something, it looks awful. just let the image be itself, it has strength on its own. a gypsy head doesn't need blood splatters, a crescent moon, fog, a tree, roses and fake cholo letters all around it. except for a few people, tattooing is in a sorry state creatively. by the way, the outline thing is a SMITH STREET thing, which has now been beaten to death by anybody with a computer. you can't do anything new and cool without vampires sucking it dry. ok, i'm done...haha
  12. i think i'll be in london then, but feel free to come by the shop.
  13. mario desa


    cool one man!
  14. nice collection! i have some from dietzel, sailor jerry, owen jensen, paul rogers, mike malone, leroy minugh and some unidentified ones from the 1920's and 1970's...but you can see them at the shop! no online pics...sorry.
  15. if you have time, visit ANDREW STICKLER at his shop ODDS-N-ENDS in rockford. you'll be stoked. its a cool little shop covered in his flash that can only be seen in person, no online pics. andrew rules.
  16. just cram 'em all in there. i don't get it when people plan their whole bodies out or want all this "balance". do they plan on posing around naked all the time for us to scrutinize? most of the time people only see our arms anyway.
  17. julio, i read a story about a tattooer on south state street, chicago in the 50's who also hated that. so he would wear a big sombrero while he worked so the dude couldn't look down! the brim was between him and the tattoo!!
  18. dan was my mentor, and continues to inspire me. known that dude about 20 years now, since before we tattooed. he definatley is slept on. proud to know him, have learned a lot from him and wear his tattoos.'s TROCCHIO!
  19. good points, i'm just too lazy and post all my pics from my iphone these days, as my camera gathers dust. on a side note, i see a lot of hacks making laughable tattoos watermarking their photos, as if anyone would want to steal them! these are the same guys who write on their websites "DO NOT STEAL OR COPY!" hahaha...and they suck!
  20. honestly, "collector" bothers me (sorry robin)! generally speaking people who refer to themselves as collectors are a bit smug and see themselves as above other clients. no offense robin, or anyone else who use this term, it's just been my experience and bothered me for years. the guy getting his girlfriend's name is just as important as a "collector" getting a custom "cool" tattoo. sometimes these "collectors" scoff at having to wait while i do a regular walk-in on someone they deem "uncool", and it eats me up. but i guess this is a whole other discussion!
  21. tat-zaps, tat-wizard, ink, get some ink, inked up, get inked, tatted, color bomb, trad, neo-trad...