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  1. thanks everyone! it was my first try at imovie.
  3. thanks! i shot it all on my iphone4, and started to edit it on my phone in imovie, but ended up making it on my macbook in imovie. glad it worked to lure people in...haha....
  4. oops! i think i fixed the privacy issue, sorry. the skinny oldtimer with the creepy mustache is tats thomas, the guy who looks like a bulldog is ralph johnstone. the guy in the last photo standing next to tats is iwojima eddie.
  5. put this together on my iphone...
  6. i think tux is slept on a bit. honestly, i don't know much about him other than basic information and i only heard of him because higgs mentioned learning from him in an interview. i'd like to know more about the guy...maybe seth c has some info, being from that area...???
  7. if they insist on getting it the exact way they drew it, i'll just do it for them, unless it won't work well as a tattoo (technically) or if it's a traditional design. since that's a style i feel well versed in and am known for, i'd insist on redrawing it, or i wouldn't tattoo it.
  8. i wanted to work it, but it's very last minute...couldn't get a booth. i worked it years a go and it was a good show. don't know much about it now though.
  9. man...that blows! we keep our portfolios behind the counter and only hand them over to people who ask (most don't).
  10. by the way...i in no way was trying to put anyone down or imply that they don't do an amazing job because they were appropriating anything!!! ladyheads are hard to do and i still work hard everytime to get it right!
  11. man...i'll say it again. 99% of the people tattooing right now SUCK.
  12. i think it's weird for tattoo shops to play movies. no one talks because they are all watching the movie and the artists seem distracted.
  13. if you guys ever see a magazine called "illustration" (i think), check it out. it's probably hard to find but it focuses on illustrators from the 20th century, and a lot of pin-up and advertising stuff. you'll see where all the tattoo lady heads were appropriated from.
  14. good suggestions, dan! especially the fresh breath! also, shower and wash your feet if the tattoo is there!!! don't tell me about any depressing all the dead people your tattoo is for or whatever. sorry, but i don't need to hear about that 5 times a day i just want to do a good tattoo. not get bummed out. i know that sounds cold, but i do probably a thousand tattoos a year and every other person wants to tell me about the deep deep meaning of their's a bit much.
  15. goes back to chris conn! a few of those mentioned above are highly influenced by him. they're just doing "conn girls", really.
  16. thanks man! i had a great time and you guys have a good thing going there!