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  1. funny...i get back on here and i see this and the post speculating about our departure from ctc! ha! one kind of answers the's more a forum for civilians (no offense). i'd like to chime in here and there, but honestly, i'd be more interested in a forum for tattooers only, as i chat with "civilians" all day!

    but i want to try to make an effort again to be on here more because i do think it's a positive!

  2. i thought it was said a long time ago there would be a "tattooer only" section of this forum? that would be the best thing to happen on this forum, i think. i barely look at it because it's mostly non-tattooers pontificating on something they know little or nothing about or talking about bullshit that has nothing to do with tattooing, or idiots like bubblebooty.

    i don't mean to come off as a dick or some kind of elitist, but i think the tattooers on here may understand what i mean.

  3. oh, and people have said for decades how h next generation will shun tattoos cuz their parents have them. bullshit. humans tattoo themselves, it's in us. and it's not a matter of "coolness", or rebelling against your parents (at least not forever). we all go through a "i hate my parents" phase, but the smart ones always wise up and realize our parents were right and are the best people ever.

    our shop is 40 years old, we tattoo kids who's parents got tattooed here back in the 70's and 80's and it's always an honor.

  4. There's always going to be people who are getting tattooed but it will be nice to not have shitty soccer mom and her 16 year old coming to get tattoos.

    why? why are soccer moms not "cool" enough to get tattooed? tattoos are for everyone, and should be accessible to any adult wanting one. i hate this sort of elitism in tattooers. my "normal" clients, half the time, are way cooler/better people than "tattoo dudes".

    tattooing is not something that only "hip" people are entitled to, it belongs to all humanity, always has. it burns me up when tattooers talk like this.

  5. J. crew. the "ludlow" suit. slim and classic, awesome construction. buy it, get it tailored to your fit (always tailor a new suit) and enjoy! i have it in light italian wool, charcoal grey.

  6. So I was in a local book-store yesterday looking through tattoo related publications, and I found a book titled "Ed Hardy Cross Stitch Patterns".

    I know lots of people love Ed Hardy, and I respect his tattooing and his contribution to the industry, but come, does he and the guys who own the licence to his images want to make money out of everything.

    It occurred to me, that when they are finished they will knock out a line of Ed Hardy toilet paper, just so they can wipe their ass on the industry one last time.

    Sorry, I know you guys love the man, but I am sick of seeing the Ed Hardy EVERYWHERE.

    you're not fit to wipe ed hardy's ass.

  7. you can draw or paint whatever you want. what offended me in the other post was that some non-tattooer recent college grad had painted a horrible flash style painting and wanted to SELL it to make some extra money. you went to college, get a fucking regular job and leave our thing alone. i'm sick of seeing this over and over. the worst is fucking mitch o'connel and his parasite flash sets and books of untattooable kitsch. that motherfucker isn't even tattooed. just fucking leave us alone!