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  • Birthday 11/16/1982

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    The only constant is change
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    Hella East Bay n' shit
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    everything your mother warned you not to do
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    bartender, band manager, painter, lover, friend

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  1. I give up. It's just as well I don't got showin' my booty tattoos anyway. I'll try with ^ that stuff next time.
  2. really? I can see them even in your quote. Am I crazy?-wait don't answer that. haha
  3. This is 1/2 a matching set by Alex Empty of Golden Rule. I'm sorry you have to look at my phanny. edited to add the bloody 1/2 done version just because I think it's funny.
  4. People say ass, but mine is totally covered and not by a light handed guy at that. Honestly, I had a lot more trouble with my hip bones/leg ditch and then ribs/armpit. I may never get my ribs done. Shins, finger, sternum, feet...all easier than I thought they'd be.
  5. That sure is a pretty lady tattoo

  6. As of late I've been digging this regimen. Let the first wash be with the hottest water you can stand. Then for 1- 2 days I use Out To Sea and after that I simply use vitamin E oil. I've been happy with the results. The vitamin E really cuts down on big poofy scabs and chunky peeling....of course, my lovely tattooers have a hand in that as well :)
  7. Dani Oakley

    tug boat

    Sky Winchester, was @ One Shot in SF.
  8. Mike Pinochi, Five & Dime
  9. Dani Oakley

    sea horse

    Alex Empty, now @ Golden Rule, Phx AZ
  10. Dani Oakley

    cow girl

    Mike Pinochi, now @ Five & Dime, Oakland
  11. Dani Oakley

    my time tattoo

    by Jason Donahue @ Idle Hand, SF
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