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    The only constant is change
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    Hella East Bay n' shit
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    everything your mother warned you not to do
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  1. Dani Oakley

    Panther Tattoos

    I give up. It's just as well I don't got showin' my booty tattoos anyway. I'll try with ^ that stuff next time.
  2. Dani Oakley

    Panther Tattoos

    really? I can see them even in your quote. Am I crazy?-wait don't answer that. haha
  3. Dani Oakley

    Panther Tattoos

    This is 1/2 a matching set by Alex Empty of Golden Rule. I'm sorry you have to look at my phanny. edited to add the bloody 1/2 done version just because I think it's funny.
  4. Dani Oakley

    Panther Tattoos

    AWESOME! pics?
  5. Dani Oakley

    Most painful spot to get tattooed

    People say ass, but mine is totally covered and not by a light handed guy at that. Honestly, I had a lot more trouble with my hip bones/leg ditch and then ribs/armpit. I may never get my ribs done. Shins, finger, sternum, feet...all easier than I thought they'd be.
  6. That sure is a pretty lady tattoo

  7. Dani Oakley

    Hello Everybody!

    helloooooo fox
  8. Dani Oakley


    hola! And welcome.
  9. Dani Oakley

    Best post tattoo care?

    As of late I've been digging this regimen. Let the first wash be with the hottest water you can stand. Then for 1- 2 days I use Out To Sea and after that I simply use vitamin E oil. I've been happy with the results. The vitamin E really cuts down on big poofy scabs and chunky peeling....of course, my lovely tattooers have a hand in that as well :)
  10. Dani Oakley

    Dan tattoo

    Dan Simonson @ Industrial Tattoo, Berkeley
  11. Dani Oakley

    tug boat

    Sky Winchester, was @ One Shot in SF.
  12. Dani Oakley


    Mike Pinochi, Five & Dime
  13. Dani Oakley

    sea horse

    Alex Empty, now @ Golden Rule, Phx AZ
  14. Dani Oakley

    cow girl

    Mike Pinochi, now @ Five & Dime, Oakland