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  1. i remember you posting about that dog tattoo which is awesome how do you feel about it now? also the new one is great
  2. 2 daggers 2 birds 4 butterfly/moths 3 skulls 2 tudor roses 2 big cats 3 snakes 4 flowers
  3. damn those are nice. when i see stuff like that it makes me wish i went the japanese body suit route but i do love all my work though is that what they mean when they say you will regret your tattoos?
  4. when i was getting my chest done i started with nothing then i was like holy fuck...this tattoo hurts worse than any other tattoo i've ever had done...it was my 21st tattoo. so i took some hydrocodone i don't think it helped much. and then after i was done i felt like shit. and it started to fuck with my brain. so the last session i didn't take anything and it hurt pretty much the same amount. which is to say it didn't feel good at all. but pretty sure the pills made it worse.
  5. its already on the site so i guess i'll throw this in from jeff rassier last week
  6. @hogg thanks sf was great. @OutOfIdeas you should totally get a tattoo from jeff he is great.
  7. was in sf last week got this from jeff rassier. super happy about it reaper1 reaper2
  8. yeah sternum and those bottom ribs just above the solar plexus were breathtakingly awful
  9. tiny arrows, black stipple stuff...everyone wants a mandala a la hooper, tribal coming back but all of these are not yet fully saturated just see a lot of them. give it a few years and everyone will hate it. inevitable. then the next trend will start. the other stuff everyone has mentioned mostly it feels like i have seen for the last 5 years. except mon mon cats that shit is pretty recent also there has to be at least 10k tattoos of that butterfly head winged dietzel girl
  10. fuck it. lol. the tattoo takes as long as it takes.
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