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  1. Alright, I don't know how many of you have met my husband but he's a big guy. I'm not going to post his weight because I don't think he'd want me to. I also was at a shop this weekend with a tattooer who's even bigger than my guy, and we were all showing each other out tattoos, so lots of shirts offness. Both of them have amazing tattoos by some of the best tattooers around. Both of them get to have these huge tattoos that I could never because they literally would not fit on my body at that size. And man, I sure am jealous! I don't know how many times I've said the phrase "Sometimes I wish I was fat so I could get more/bigger tattoos". Like some of the other commenters, I also feel like tattooing can help you love the 'ugly' parts of your body. I may not be fat but we've all got parts we don't like on us. Remember even super models are photoshopped. As far as actually putting a tattoo on a bigger person, it seems like it can be in places more difficult and in other places pretty easy. Stretch marks are harder to tattoo, but if you go to someone who's comfortable doing it and has done it before, you should have no issues once the tattoo is healed. They tend to puff up worse than normal skin and the needle can get snagged on the edge of a stretch mark while being tattooed, but like I said, if they know what they're doing, that won't happen and your tattoo will be as nice and on any other person. I know a chick who weighed over 300 lbs at her heaviest. She is very heavily tattooed, I'm talking full solid jap style sleeves, legs pretty much covered and a few things on her torso. Over the course of about a year she lost at least 150 lbs. Her tattoos still look good, you can't really tell that they've shrunk unless you knew her before.
  2. Basically, I don't wear sunscreen because I don't feel like I need to. I have that pale olive tone skin that just doesn't tan or burn. I can be outside in the sun for literally hours and not get anything worse than a slight tan. I've been in FL for about 5 years and haven't had a sunburn yet. The last time I can remember burning was the tops of my feet in Mexico 15 years ago, that was before I was getting tattooed. It's nothing to do with chemicals in the sun lotion, although I'm sure it can't be good for you. As far as tattoos fading in the sun, yes that is a real thing that happens as others have said. It just hasn't really happened to me. The only thing that is noticeably faded on my arms is some Japanese pink, but I don't think it's due to sun exposure, it's just hot pink in an older tattoo, and some pink in another one that was never in there well in the first place. I have baby blue, hot pink and golden yellows on my forearms that look good as new. Even purple that has lasted. So yeah, I haven't been wearing sun lotion since I was old enough to make that call for myself and for me it hasn't been an issue. Us Italians just don't tan easily, that's why those Jersey Shore morons have to get fake ones all the time. I actually went and did some fake tanning as a teenager and it barely worked on me. I don't recommend this for everyone, but for me so far, it's been fine.
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    Breaking Bad

    Dunno how I feel about the opening of season 5. Still thinking it over. I am glad that they are showing things starting to hit the fan in big ways. Most shows would let you live the fairy tale for the whole series that you could be a huge drug dealer and never get caught. I wonder how this will pan out. I wonder if the computer trick worked? What's gonna come of what they found near the computer? Is Walt the new Gus? Ok yeah, after typing that I do like the new episode.
  4. Horseshit. I just typed a long ass reply about sunscreen and why I don't wear it and what it has and hasn't done to my tattoos (I live in the sunshine state). Fucking Macs with their swipey finger screen change thing loosing my damn message. - - - Updated - - - Horseshit. I just typed a long ass reply about sunscreen and why I don't wear it and what it has and hasn't done to my tattoos (I live in the sunshine state). Fucking Macs with their swipey finger screen change thing loosing my damn message.
  5. I just don't go to the beach because 50 thousand morons ask me dumb questions about my tattoos :/
  6. I actually met a chick a few weeks ago that has been using one of those creams. Her tattoo is faded. It's not faded much, but it is faded. She said it hurts pretty bad when you put the cream on, and that essentially it's just a very acidic cream that burns away your skin I guess. If you get the cream on non tattooed areas of skin it lightens that too, she's got weird patches around the tattoo. By the look and sounds of it, it's going to take a long fucking time to get it light enough to cover (it's a big tattoo with lots of solid areas). She thinks laser is too expensive and painful but in the end it's probably way more worth the higher up front cost of laser to get it done quickly and more efficiently.
  7. FYI there is a tool on google where you can upload a photo and it will show you every place that photo, and any photo that looks like that photo has been posted or stored on the internet
  8. @bongsau bro, you're a fuckin' nerd!!!! Hahaha for real though I wish I had a spreadsheet of mine. It's been 12 years since my first, I've got no idea what i've spent in time or money
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    Lurk hard.

    are you by chance @lurkhard on instagram?
  10. Some (most) people care more about making money than upholding the integrity of an artistic community. Also, sometimes good artists get tricked into attending conventions run by assholes.
  11. I feel like without any shading the tattoos tend to look unfinished, but with a little shading they can be pretty rad
  12. his tattoos are nice but I've heard that he costs a fucking lot I mean, I've heard stories of professional athletes and musicians flying him out to wherever they're at just to get tattooed. But if you have the cash and like his stuff I'd say go for it
  13. I heard Mike went back to work yesterday and did some tattoos. I don't know how heavy of a schedule he's working while he's still healing but I guess he's back at it.
  14. The tattoos of mine that have healed the easiest are the ones I've kept wrapped until the next morning and then removed the wrap in a warm shower. There is pretty much no reason you'd re-wrap. Well there are a few reasons but for the most part it's not something you should do. If the person who did the tattoo keeps their shit clean, and you didn't touch the tattoo while it was being done without gloves on, and you didn't rub it against anything before being wrapped there shouldn't really be a ton of bad bacteria in there. If you get your tattoos in some asshole's kitchen who doesn't own an autoclave, let alone even know what one is, then yeah, you might be sealing in some nice things.
  15. HOLY FUCK I JUST REALIZED THE ONE KID HAS THE WORD "TATTOO'S" UNDER HIS CHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD. DAMNIT. When will people learn that the plural of tattoo is tattoos. No fucking apostrophe.
  16. there's some amazing lines in this song and i kind of love it hahahahaha for real though, this is amazing. p.s. floating around on the internet there's a rap song about a tattoo shop in jacksonville called cadillac and the hook is about how inksmith and rogers is too expensive
  17. Good idea. Better yet can we just have someone delete all those threads as they're posted? Can the 'reading of the newbie rules' rule somehow be changed so you have to actually click a button that says yes i've read these and if i fuck up i'm gonna get banned/thread deleted
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    I'm kinda with @ian on this one. I certainly don't believe, but I don't consider myself and atheist or anything else really. I do wear a lot of inverted crosses and I'm sure you remember the pants I posted with the big pentagram and goat heads. So by default lots of people think I'm a satan worshipper or something. I don't understand why I have to explain to these idiots that if I don't believe in Jesus, that also means Satan is not real, nor is hell. I just wear that shit cause it's aesthetically interesting to me. And I like looking scary so that less idiots ask me dumb questions about tattoos.
  19. @Jake dude i only just came across this one too! HOW HOW HOW!!!
  20. I know speaking for myself, I'm an extremely shitty person, and I post more than almost everyone else here combined so yeah, most of this board is a load of shit. You're welcome ;)
  21. damnit i thought that photo had been destroyed! Stupid myspace. Now you all know the truth, I'm an old orange body builder with no tattoos :( Feel free to drop and ban hammers (although i can crush them with my muscles so it won't matter!!!)