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  1. I love being able to access the internet and basically almost all the knowledge of the world at my fingertips but WHY GO SO SLOW!!!!!?!?!?!??! WHY FACEBOOK NO WERK RIGHT NOW!?!?!? WHY COME MESSAGE BOARD PEEPS NOT KNO HOW TO USE SEARCH BAR? Also the post office closes early on Saturdays I NO LIKE WAKE UP EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. You're also so fucking far away from needing filler I don't even know why you'd bother at this point.
  3. I guess people never will learn to use the search bar. Or their eyeballs. What is this thread number 50 about what to get as filler?
  4. this is awesome dude! My husband and I have discussions about this kind of thing all the time. Like what kinds of things should I send him for lunch and what's the best kind of chair to buy and all that same stuff as in the article. I'm glad he mentioned the hearing loss from the constant machine noise. My dude is known everywhere he's worked for having some really loud machines and I have long thought that it's caused hearing loss. My man had been into juicing for a while now and I'm starting to get into a bit too. Usually I'll bring him a big jug to the shop and he says it really helps. Looking forward to seeing more!
  5. I want to punch that kid in his shitty little tattooed face, with my shitty little tattooed hand. I hope his 'plastic' stencil catches fire and burns his parents house down. Shit like that makes me wish I didn't even have tattoos sometimes. Also, sailor Jerry wasn't the best tattooer to ever live. He wasn't the best tattooer of his time. He's just the one who's stuff got saved by someone who knew what to do with it to make a lot of money and get famous. That would be Ed Hardy. If it was some other old timer who Ed had been close with, it woulda been that person in the sailor jerry spot today.
  6. p.s. @rich dude - the reason you might be getting a little flack here is because of your name... so unless your name is richard you might consider changing it cause at least to me it comes off pretty fucking pretentious.
  7. you from Jax? Also, for those who've been waiting to hear - I asked Mike about his arm last week, he said he was about to get the hard cast removed and put into a more temporary one and has been using his arm very lightly. So with all hopes he'll be tattooing again by the end of the summer, I didn't ask him when he thought he'd be tattooing but from the sounds of it, it shouldn't be too much longer maybe another couple months or something.
  8. how many new people are going to start a thread with this topic? sorry a lot of posts lately have just been bitching about this kinda stuff but for real... do we need 5 different threads talking about stars and dots? I think not. I mean come one, this very same thread existed only a few days ago. The one called "tiny tattoos" or "small tattoos".
  9. @kylegrey it very well could be, he is out of town at the moment and he's one of the few i haven't seen shirtless so that would make sense. that's who i thought it might have been but wasn't sure.
  10. I'm totally getting a roseflower
  11. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  12. Sometimes I can't tell if I really am surrounded by idiots or if I'm just a really big asshole..... And then I remember, it's because I'm surrounded my morons that my asshole has grown so large..
  13. No idea who that wilson thing is on! looks like you had an awesome trip mang!
  14. @tatsbykilo I'm pretty sure you've been warned once already that this forum is NOT FOR ASKING FOR APPRENTICESHIPS.
  15. ^^^ tatt of the month two posts up...
  16. On subject, I am a big fan of small tattoos in there with the stars and dots. So far I only have a little heart and a little Paul Rogers smiley but once my elbow and wrist area is done I'm gonna fill out all the other weird little spots, and then stars and dots.
  17. So how long till this guys gets banned??
  18. Welcome! You should post of a pic of your tattoo from '76 we love seeing old ones here!
  19. There's a reason I'm married to a tattooer. I can get whatever the fuck I wanted tattooed on me, and he's not gonna blink an eye, and vice versa. I can't believe there's chicks who get jealous of a tattoo of a lady. That's just.... stupid? I don't know, seems super insecure to me. It's a fucking tattoo. It's not a person. I don't get it. My dude had his ex's initial tattooed (S) and just turned it into a dollar sign. I don't give one tiny shit about it either and never have. He's got lots of lady heads too. I'm 100% sure he wouldn't care if I got a man pin up either. I mean, my dude got a huge rib piece that features a blonde girl with huge tits and short shorts riding a wolf's tongue. In case you don't know, I'm brunette, no big fake tits, and I never ever wear short shorts. Do I care? No. Does it mean he secretly wants to fuck blonde chicks with huge tits? No. Does it mean that the tattooer made an awesome tattoo and gave the girl blonde hair because it worked better with the tattoo? Yes. Sorry for the mini rant but, if you don't like tattoos or people with 'too many' tattoos, don't get involved with a someone who has one cause there's a good chance it'll turn into more. OR Date whoever makes you feel good and not give a shit about their tattoos cause it really doesn't matter.
  20. I've been to Hawaii before as well, about 12 years ago. The weather was nice but it was pretty boring. It didn't seem like there was much to do. I'm not into surfing or beaching and I've seen the rainbow trees already... It was just an example though, you guys get my point. And as far as all great artists putting that much into each tattoo, that's totally untrue. He's dedicating his entire day to you, he wants to speak to you in person before he even agrees to tattoo you, just to see if you're cool. He wants to give you a design that reflects your life and not just the open spot you have to fill. I don't know one other tattooer that's doing all that for each and every tattoo.
  21. Plus Conn is better than pretty much all the others mentioned.. After reading what @MadeIndelible posted from Conn's blog I totally get the $500 an hour thing now. It sounds like he'd putting a fuck of a lot more work, and personal energy and time into each and every person and their tattoo. I still do not plan on buying one for myself, but I have talked to my man about buying him one for a wedding gift. For me personally, there's a tattoo from a specific person in California that I've been wanting for longer than I've known who Chris Conn is, so again for me, getting that will be a better use of tattoo money than getting tattooed by Conn. However, I feel like buying my dude a tattoo from Conn for our wedding is a better deal than spending that money on two plane tickets to say Hawaii, so I can sit around on a beach bored as fuck for a week (which is the only honeymoon type destination i can go to since I'm not allowed to leave the country).
  22. Plus Hero tattoo will welcome in with open arms and probably either BBQ or the cutest dogs you've ever seen. I really can't say enough to fully express how great an experience it is to get tattooed in that shop.
  23. JEFF CRIBB. he is generally not booked out! He's at Hero Tattoo in Conway, it's only like 15 mins from myrtle! Going anywhere else would be pointless!