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  1. Well if people really want a Conn tattoo for half the price they can go hit up Chris Cleen. Although it's gonna look like you paid half the price cause his shit ain't anywhere near as nice!
  2. @CultExciter Rennie fucking kills it. I love that dude and his tattooing. He used to work here at Inksmith which is how I know him. In June my fiancé will be going up there to work at the shop with them for a few days. Also Brian Bruno works there so yeah you def got options, and good ones!
  3. Well for whatever reason Mr. Conn isn't replying to our emails. Having heard that he's charging $500 an hour though, I kind of don't care now. Anything I'd want from him would be at least a two hour deal and there's no way I'd pay anyone $1000 for a hand sized tattoo. Fuck that. He's an amazing artist but I can get just as good of a tattoo from Mike Wilson, in the same town I live for $150 an hour.
  4. I think Bunny hit the nail on the head for me here. Tattoo magazines are just slutty looking chicks with little to no clothing on and shitty tattoos, so not any different than a 'real' porno mag other than the tattoo mags don't show an actual vagina hole. I mean obviously a porn mag is way further than just a slutty dressed chick as far as what's being shown but as far as a (and I hate to use this word but) feminist point of view, the chick in the tatt mags are worse cause they aren't even getting paid for it. But yeah, as far as this topic goes in relation to porn being in shops, I think it comes down to most shops are all men, men tend not to realize what the middle aged soccer mom they tattoo might be offended by. Personally, I don't understand why anyone would need or want to view pornography in any situation other than while masturbating or with the person you're about to fuck. Why do you need to look at a spread asshole while you wait to get tattooed? Can't you just look at a magazine about music or art or literature or whatever. Fly fishing maybe. Do shops have these laying about just to prove how bad ass they are?
  5. when did you email him? we're still waiting to hear back
  6. I met the chick who won the eBay auctions at a conventions. She's a tattooer from Europe. She or her hands done with lady heads of course. They were super nice. I can't recall the exact price but I believe it was in the thousands. I dunno if the photo I posted earlier is working as I'm checking from my phone but the tattoo he did last night is amazing as expected and was not a lady head. My man emailed last night as soon as I heard to get appts. for us both. I'll let everyone know when we hear back what the wait time is like.
  7. Juan puente just broke the news on instagram that Chris Conn is tattooing again. He's working in LA and can be booked by emailing sekretcity@hotmail.com Stoked!!!!!
  8. @dcostello one of your best dude posts if not the best.
  9. My jaw is STILL on the floor. Can we vote people off the forum like Survivor? I cast my vote for @Hunter Morrow
  10. BUT YOU GUYS THEY'RE RUINING THE SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid LGBT making a mockery out of marriage so that good people like Kim Kardashian can't have a happy one.
  11. I checked it out after you posted it on Facebook. It's a good one. It's weird that sincere stuff like that is so rare online.
  12. Hey All, Being from Ontario I know how hard it can be to find good tattooers, especially doing Japanese work. For those interested you've got an awesome chance this month. Horitoshi1 family Horimitsu from Tokyo will be doing a guest spot at TCB Tattoo in Toronto from May 16th to 26th. The shop is located at 618 Queen St West (near the beer store). Open from 12-8pm daily. Appointments can be made by calling the shop at 416-203-1516. You can view his work here JAPANESE TATTOO
  13. Holy. Shit. Excuse me while I get my jaw off the floor.
  14. I've heard Montreal convention is awesome. I've never had a chance to go even though I'm from Canada.
  15. I also like what @ian said about conventions being an opportunity to sometimes get tattooed by someone you'd never be able to other wise.
  16. I agree with Bunny kind of. There's still some good ones going on though here and there. The Rochester convention is usually really great and the ones I've been to in Texas always seem fun, but that has more to do with Oliver and his awesome after parties. I think it's just that the general public is attending conventions a lot more in the last ten years. Especially the last 5. For people like me who go to conventions to sell artwork, it's great. I still sell 90% to tattooers but those few 'regular' non tattooed people who buy stuff make a difference. I feel like most convention guys (the person putting on the convention) now a days are not tattooers and not tattooed people. They are the same people who throw the bridal shows in the spring and the boat shows in the summer and the hunting show and RV shows and home shows and all those other conventions that happen. Those guys are more concerned about how many people come through the door and buy a weekend or day pass. I went to a convention where people were being charged $45 to get in for the weekend. $45 fucking dollars. $45 DOLLARS FOR A GOD DAMN CONVENTION!!!!! It hurt the people inside trying to make money on art/tattoos for sure. It was the convention Scott mentions in the Valerie interview where they both say how fucking dead it was. The only saving grace was like Scott and Valerie said, the after parties and that Lucero played one of the afternoons. Half the convention wasn't even tattoos. It was BMX, Skateboards, Hair dressers, clothing companies, beauty pageants, food/drink vendors, booths selling raffle tickets to win cars, it also had a bike show section. Anyways, as far as me going to conventions, Rochester and the Bay Area one that Taki puts on are the top of the list.
  17. Don't 'they' alway say it's not a choice but more about being born that way.....
  18. This is the Uncle Allan tattoo that @Hands On was referring to in his/her post.
  19. Done by my fiancé James Buie at TCB tattoo in Toronto years ago...
  20. The fact that she's still his wife leads me to believe that she doesn't feel anything was done to her. If she had such a problem with it, like you clearly do, they wouldn't be married anymore. I'd think that "my husband doesn't want to be a dude anymore" is pretty good grounds to get a divorce approval.
  21. @Hunter Morrow what you do to yourself every morning in the shower would probably gross me out but WHO CARES. HOW IN THE SWEET FUCK CAN YOU CARE ABOUT THE DICK OF SOMEONE YOU WILL NEVER MEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weird bugs gross me out, so I just ignore them and pretend they aren't there. Or I take a minute to realize nothing bad will come of that weird florida bug I've never seen before creeping on my front door and just let it do it's thing, dick or no dick.
  22. People care too much about other people's dicks/cunts.
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