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    Hello guy's

    plus your profile pic is Kat Von D.
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    Hello guy's

    sorry but this drives me fucking crazy. the plural of tattoo is TATTOOS. not Tattoo's. same with guy, it's guys. example: hey guys, your tattoos are really cool. v.s. that guy's tattoo looks cool. I can see that the tattoo's got yellow and red in it. anyways.. .continue...
  3. I have a few that flare up every now and then. Especially if i get a bug bite near it. It usually goes away within 1 hour to one day. I'm sure you'll be fine. If it keeps up for more than a few days get it looked at I guess.
  4. I'm not too familiar with shops in Tampa. I know there's some real turds though. The guys at Ybor City Tattoo are super nice, I can't comment on the quality of the work though because I haven't really seen it. If you are willing to travel, or have a reason other than tattoos to be in North FL, then I'd suggest Inksmith and Rogers. If you go on the website (Inksmith & Rogers Tattoo) you'll see there a bunch of different locations, for what you're doing I'd recommend the location on Atlatic Blvd, or the Mandarin location as that's where the more experienced guys work for the most part. There's amazing tattooers at every location though. Like the others said though, if you're in Tampa and can get in with David go for it! You won't be disappointed!
  5. I saw a dude get the nazi ss on his thumb a couple days ago. He's pretty heavily tattooed including his face. It did look bad ass but I would never get something like that. Nazi shit is a little too far for me. I don't currently have any super offensive stuff like that. I do however own these pants which get me all kinds of crazy looks.
  6. Hey, You should re-read the rules here. Asking for an apprenticeship or about machines, techniques, equipment is not allowed in this forum. If you aren't careful they will ban you. However, you're more than welcome to browse the photos, interviews, and all the awesome threads going on in the forum. There's lots to learn if you keep your eyes open and the questions to a minimum ;)
  7. @CultExciter you sir, are brilliant hahahahaha
  8. that guy is still sending me Facebook messages about how much money he makes in a year and how I'm a uneducated elitist collector who knows nothing about tattoos...
  9. This idiot just won't stop. I guess he's all butt hurt 'cause he's taken it to personal insults about my appearance.. The internet is awesome his reply to my reply Skincandy Bloodline Typical..btw..1. I made dick blick change the selling policy to professionals only, call them and see.. 2. you cant buy my ink on eba in the u.s.ay, 3. your not a tattoo artists so your opinion is moot. 4. you don't know me so contempt prior to investigation makes you an idiot.5. you heard my ink is trash and your not a tattooer which makes you more of an idiot,6. i dont know why im wasting my time with you..lol..7. your glasses are ugly Awwwww... I guess my glasses are ugly, and all the people who've bought them after seeing mine, and all the free shit I've gotten from the company who makes them because of all the people buying them after me proves it. Oh well, guess I'll go back to selling ink on ebay (??? where that even came from i don't know)
  10. UGH. For some reason instead of talking to people who are actually tattooers and trying to explain himself to them, the clown from Skin Candy sent me a Facebook message. Today. Little late on that one bro... Anyways. Here it is. Skincandy Bloodline hi Ursula, Im the piece of shit you were talking about on the Dick Blick blog, nice to meet you, I see you never met me or know who I am so maybe i should introduce myself before you judge me, my name is August, I've been making ink in the tattoo industry 16 years, started out making powders and worked my ass off to get where I am, every ink i make i test in my own skin before i ever sell it to the public, I have never screwed anyone in the business and love what I do, I would love to get you a sample of my Bloodline before you judge it or me, please call the office 818-567-1848 to request, id be happy to speak with you as well and maybe diffuse my shittyness and what a piece of shit I am.. that you speak of, lol, thanks August owner Skincandy/Bloodline Here's my reply. Ursula Thomson A) I'm not a tattooer B)I'm far from the only person who thinks your a piece of shit for making this deal with Dick Blick C) I still think you're an asshole for selling to Dick Blick D) If you're really that great you'd know why everyone thinks this dick Blick thing bad. E) I've heard your ink is trash anyways.
  11. THIS BETTER BE A FUCKING JOKE ASSHOLE. And if it is, you're no longer an asshole.
  12. when the sledgehammer cover comes out, the video should be the same start but then when it pans to show you the whole human it's bubble berry with the short shorts getting smashed with hammers
  13. P.s. New t shirt idea I joined LST and all I got was banned
  14. yeah cause they deff came back to stick up for themselves like a normal person who isn't talking pure bullshit does.... oh wait..... Victrious also has no photos and barely any posts and has disappeared since... Ban Hammer anyone?? Who's a musician here? You guys need to start a band called Ban Hammer... or just start the band the LSTs and make us a youtube video for your first song "Ban Hammered" so we can post it in situations like this....
  15. well the story sounds completely fabricated to me. So, I did a google search for tattoo shop car accidents in California and came up with none. There was a shop in Ohio where a female former employee ran her can into the shop on purpose. I do believe this is a completely made up story and so is the tattoo. Get a life trolls. I also like how he says 'look at my profile to see my other ink' or something like that. He has no photos on his profile.
  16. Just me or did anyone else notice the tattoo in the photo looks totally fake and just photoshopped on there? if you can post a larger photo with better definition i'll take back my comment.... As of now however, I call fake.
  17. FUCK! I just found out Mike Wilson broke his arm this weekend so that means def not getting my back finished next month! It does however mean maybe I can go get tattooed by someone else in the meantime....
  18. @DRABFURS looks awesome! but i have to 'lol' at the wolf tramp stamp on a dude hahaha....
  19. will the reviews come up with our username? I might be discouraged from leaving a poor review on a site like this where the person you're badly reviewing might see it?
  20. The other night my dude was talking about how he's ready for leg filler to finish his up. I said "oh word then you'll have legit squid pants" and he just looked at me and goes "what the fuck is squid pants" hahaha
  21. @Duffa Boozy won, she's the girl who later went on to train in MMA. She also won the belt, and held it without defeat until she retired in part because no one could beat her. She's pretty god damn tough. About the looking managing, that is half the battle right there. Before each match, while you're waiting for them to yell 'fight' I would glare, real hard, hard as fuck, in the other person's eyes and just try to intimidate them. I feel like it helped a lot and I could usually tell in that few moments if this was going to be an easy one or not. As far as MTV, I wasn't offended, my name (as far as I know) was never brought up in the 'she's to ugly for tv' convo. Plus that wasn't the whole reason it didn't happen, but a main part. They only wanted the hot or interesting chicks, we wouldn't sign unless they accepted us as is. I did actually end up doing a short thing for MTV that I never saw but have had American friends claim to have seen. Anyways.............. I know this dude who has "LINE COOK" on his knuckles. Far as I know he doesn't do that job anymore..
  22. @David Flores see my reply above! I think a lot of people knew about it when it was happening, but I haven't fought in 2-3 years now and haven't been a full time member of the league for 3-4 so people who've met me since then generally don't know. @Duffa i should also mention if i tried to fight anyone trained in MMA or even a single martial art or whatever they'd destroy me hahahaha. We had a trainer who ran a BJJ dojo but I don't know any crazy shit like that.
  23. @Duffa www.gopfl.com it was called the Pillow Fight League, more like WWE than MMA. Although one of the girls did end up going to train in MMA, I'm not sure how far she's gone with that. Staged story lines - yes, but they were often built on real things, like i hate this one chick in real life and now you're gonna make up a reason why i have to fight her cause you know it'll be good. When I was in the league the actual fights were 100% NOT scripted. Everything was real, people got hurt, refs were needed and the winner was the winner. After I left things slowly evolved into scripted fights with crazy wrestling like moves. The last time I fought it was super boring and I kept getting stopped by the ref every time I did anything. Unfortunately the league after about 5-6 year run imploded on itself and no longer exists. We almost got a reality type t.v. show but our biggest bidder MTV felt that some of the ladies faces weren't tv friendly. I did however appear on Good Morning America and a show called the International Sexy Ladies Show and some weird show that had a section called "sports that didn't make it to the olympics". Good times while it lasted. OH and the best pillow fighting move ever - push them on their back, put your pillow over their face and start punching!
  24. i have one sewing related tattoo, it's a rose with a skeleton hand coming out holding a sewing needle. it was done in 2009 by richard stell. i used to be in a female fighting league and always toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo related to that, maybe my stage name or something (it was Ursula Anvil) or maybe a tattoo of a gold wrestling unitard as that was my costume's main piece. i've seen lots of tattooers with tattoos of tattoo machines (how many times can i say tattoo in a sentence haha).