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  1. Here's mine!

    Jody Cousins (multiple)

    Jonzey (mutiple)

    Dax Brunett (multiple)

    Chris David (multiple)

    Andres Merril (multiple)

    Wes Dix (multiple)

    Jenn Lilles

    Bryan J Turnbull (multiple)

    Richard Stell

    Mike Wilson (multiple)

    Mike Bruce (multiple)

    James Buie (multiple, my fiancé)

    Timmy Tatts

    Some asshole who's name I don't recall that gave me a horrible tattoo

    Angelo Miller

    Pete Razis

    Dave Gibson

    Jeff Cribb

    Eli Quinters

    Randy Hall

    I think that's it for now. My current goal is to finish my back which is being done by Mike Wilson. I've also hear a rumour that Tokyo Hiro is going to be at Inksmith this year so if that happens I'm def getting one from him.