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  1. Thanks for joining us at Last Sparrow Tattoo and sharing your tattoo pictures.

    Until next time....


  2. Vilebunni

    pink undies tattoo

    Not a great pic (but cute undies!) but this was my second tat. A winged star with the latin phrase "It is not an easy journey from the earth to the heavens"
  3. Vilebunni


    My newest tattoo, done by Rocky in Las Vegas.
  4. Vilebunni

    wiggle bottom

    This is Mr. Wigglebottom, done a few years ago at a convention in Reno, NV. Sadly, I don't recall the name of the artist.
  5. Vilebunni


    This was done by Frijol Boy in Las Vegas. It healed a little funky and needs a touchup but I really dig him.
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