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    Love basketball, mountaineering, nature, and tatts of course!
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    Thanks SeeSea... it's a great tat that's just a bit overworked in parts. And maybe i'm a bit of perfectionist :)
  2. WorldBFree


    Cheers... I like both pieces, and i'm very happy with both. But the first tat, the black and grey lady justice was such an awesome experience done in Lowrider studio in LA, artist was a totally chill dude, and the whole thing just went really well, the healing was immediate and no probs. However, the wolf was more complicated, I did it with a pretty well known Aussie artist, and there are a few issues. For one I'm definitely no expert but I think the tattoo is chewed up and overworked because he was trying so hard to get the colour in. Its got all these weird streaks and heavy scarred patches
  3. WorldBFree


    Hey man, good to hear about your sydney tat collection!
  4. WorldBFree


    Hello Tig and SStu. Not sure if it's the best way of doing so but here's a link to the tats I have uploaded on this site: Pictures of WorldBFree's Pictures | Last Sparrow Tattoo
  5. WorldBFree

    neo trad wolf

    Jake Gardner
  6. Hey Chris, I'm Alex nice to meet you. Good stuff, thanks for sharing. Love Roy Orb!
  7. WorldBFree


    Hello my name's Alex, I'm from Australia. I was raised in Sydney and live in Melbourne now. I've travelled to heaps of countries around the world and will continue doing so if I'm fortunate enough. I've only recently started getting into tattooing and appreciating the different sytles and artists out there. However, I've got a lot to learn. I have two tattoos, one done as a comemorative tattoo in LA and another here in Melbourne. Both are fairly large pieces, one is black and grey realism style and the other is a brightly coloured neo-trad tat.
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