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  1. thank you! we're off to a very busy start. just looking for the right talent to add to the roster.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.264829823679591.1073741833.248239902005250&type=1 a link to pictures of the shop if that sort of thing interests you.
  3. I don't care who you consult or how you come up with the idea initially. that's up to you. as far as when it comes time to convey that idea to me it's very irritating when the person I'm about to mark for life is standing ten feet away and silent while their significant other explains to me what "he wants" or "she wants".
  4. it would be completely fucked up for you to get a piece finished by someone that didn't start it. regardless of them "reaching a certain level". if you're going to a quality tattooer and you sign on to get work from them, you have to see it through unless you're unhappy with the work for some reason. going to someone else to get a piece finished just because you don't want to wait is about as disrespectful as it gets. don't get tattooed if you're going to pull some bullshit like this. people have no respect for tattooing anymore. this isn't a situation where you buy your xbox at target and buy the games at wal mart. this type of attitude pisses me off. why get tattooed by a given artist to begin with if you're going to have someone else finish it? just go to that motherfucker in the first place. whoever you choose to go with be sure they're who you want. book a couple appointments at once if it's large scale work and make the commitment the same way your artist makes the commitment to apply the work to your body. I've had this happen to me more than once not because a client couldn't wait but because they didn't want to pay my very reasonable hourly rate to get the work finished. they'd get their boy down the street to "color" a piece I drew, lined and started. this type of shit will earn you a punch in the mouth if I see you in public.
  5. new shop opening up in wappingers falls, ny (near poughkeepsie, about an hour and a half north of NYC). shop is made up of the best talent in the area. we're looking to continue our reputation of excellence by employing only killer tattooers. our goal is to be the elite shop in upstate,NY. no drugs, no drama. just hard work, great tattoos and making a great living in a beautiful shop in a super busy location right on US RT-9. the shop is called HUDSON VALLEY TATTOO COMPANY and we plan on opening our doors mid-february. guest spots are encouraged. also, we can help you relocate if you're the talent we're looking for. you can check out our work on instagram @hudsonvalleytattooco facebook.com/hudsonvalleytattoo if this interests you please contact - shish@hudsonvalleytattoo.com
  6. hands are probably my favorite thing to tattoo. I won't do them unless someone is already heavily tattooed but whenever given the opportunity I love doing them. something about how heavy it is to be given that honor by a client is super gratifying.
  7. Kings Avenue is THE place. I had Grez tattoo my chest many years ago. the vibe of the place, the world class talent they have under one roof. so goddamned good. also, the deli two doors down is a great place to eat before you get laced up.
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