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  1. I'll stroke your ego sweet pea. Great Post Dave! Love, The Pumped Tattooer that couldn't convince....
  2. I just want you all to know that I love you very much.
  3. I thought The Name of the Wind was great. Martin's books are awesome. I'm a huge Fantasy nerd, Glen Cook's Black Company novels are awesome, and if you like those, you would love Steven Erikson's Malazan Books of the Fallen. He's an anthropologist who has about 200,000 years of history in his stories, crazy stuff. S.M. Stirling's Dies the Fire series is great. Non Fantasy I LOVE Andrew Vachss "Burke" novels. Vachss is a lawyer who only does pro-bono work for abused children and the Burke books are what he wishes he could do. I have multiple signed copies and named my kids after characters in them.
  4. In most cases it is better to do absolutely nothing to your tattoo than to over care for it. Your photos look like a normally healing tattoo. The white, wrinkly, opaque skin- is just your new skin ( as far as white dots- it's impossible to say without seeing) I usually advise a light wash daily, pat dry, apply mild lotion sparingly a few times a day- massage in to skin. Everybody heals differently. Don't worry - - - Updated - - - The above post is actually by Matt's mother- also a tattooist, he didn't sign off of the computer.
  5. Annabelle moved to the Elephant Sanctuary in California, Bob Barker came and got her. We have two polar bears now in a beautiful enclosure. Hey Ma, you got me!!!!
  6. Kirk Sheppard at Rain City Tattoo does nice stuff. Kirk Sheppard Tattoos, Vancouver BC Canada Instagram @THELASTINGIMAGE
  7. You've only been Tattooing 2 years? BRAVO SIR!!!!!
  8. It was, I just shaved it at the beginning of last month, it was no shave november. I'm a rebel!
  9. Eric Inksmith, my favorite tigers of all time. Hands down.
  10. One trick ponies with no respect for other styles. The dumbasses were arguing with Freddy fuckin' Negrete over black and gray. None of them would last 5 minutes in a GOOD street shop outside a big Army base on payday weekend. They would all cry and quit. "What do you mean there are 36 people on the waiting list! I need 3 weeks to conceptualize and draw your tattoo, and we have to do it this way, no I can't do a tribal tear out, that's beneath my artistic ability." I'm going on this show, fuck it, you wanna see a tattooer work, I'll tattoo 3 "Human Canvasses" an episode and pick up a walkin'.
  11. Most celebrities seem slightly dim to me, but my wife really likes Tia&Tamera!
  12. I love tattooing. I love everything about it, and thankful for the life and opportunities it has given my family. I was born into this world and can't imagine one that is better. The characters and experiences that have surrounded me since birth have shaped and formed me into the person I am. Good and bad, sacred and obscene, they have given me, in my opinion, a better world view than most. My only regret is that I did not earlier realize the gift I was given at birth. Thank you Tattooing, I love you!
  13. Finally getting my neck tattooed in jan. Maybe I'll take video of it so you can see how much of a baby I am.
  14. I forgot to mention it was with 1/2 inch grips. Thankfully I was young, but I was still in my apprenticeship, so I was first in last out everyday, and we didn't close until the last customer was seen. It didn't matter if they came in 30 seconds before closing. Everybody else would jet out, one of the owners and I would stay and he would hang out til I finished. It was brutal. I love the fact that we work banker hours here.
  15. I sat for 7 1/2 on my ribs, well technically I sat for 2 1/2 and then drank a pint of vodka and slept for the next 5. I'm the worlds biggest sissy, really I'm like a 3yr old girl with a skinned knee when I get tattooed it's horrible. The next longest was 4 1/2 by Eric Inksmith last year. It was right before he started touring, his first time using disposables, on my calf. I tried to crush my skull by squeezing my temples to distract myself. It was right before the state fair, I had to stop and buy a cane at walmart, my leg was so swollen I could barely walk. The longest I ever tattooed was in my first year, payday weekend at Ft. Campbell, tattooed from 10am til 4am, with only breaks to setup and break down. My hands were numb from my fingertips to my elbows.
  16. @mattbagodonuts I gotta bunch of pics of my kids, and some tattoos.
  17. The Red Wedding is one of the most disturbing things I've ever read.
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