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  1. Thats happening if you start getting tattooed by yourself,so personal and individual.But if a tattooer is doing the job on you that means that hes taking care how the tattoo will look,he/she has the responsibility.It doesnt mean when you walk the door of a tattoo shop with a design or an idea that this should be done exactly as you want it,at least to a lot of shops that i know.
  2. before the 50 years you re mentioning there are :2 years,5 years,7 years ,10 years....if you can understand what i mean
  3. So i believe its or responsibility to talk about it more.Sometimes we have to put back the artistic ego and just work for the good of the customer.I think tattooing is a big thing with huge history and traditions.We have to take more from the past than hurry to put our mark in a way,
  4. There is a lot of talking about tattooing and more about "the art of tattooing".Sometimes it seems like tattooing is somehow an "academical" art (sorry if my english are not excellent) and a lot are told about the design-the "piece of art".I consider tattooing somehow more technical than artistic and respecting the rule that the tattoo has to live through time the better possible i feel that i cant break some "red lines" which is the outline,the scale,the use of black color a lot and a lot more. I think there is not a lot of talking about this and a lot of tattooers puts art above tattooing..
  5. I cant describe.I dont give a fuck about for navaro,hes just promoting his new work i guess and i dont think that he should feel any responsibility for my profession but the other two guys dont they know that they re fucking the business?I cant imagine people start judging the tattoos like they do on that show.Maybe i m wrong and i have to call my customer Human Canvanses...Fuck
  6. Hi Naomi!Hope all well there!!