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  1. Thats happening if you start getting tattooed by yourself,so personal and individual.But if a tattooer is doing the job on you that means that hes taking care how the tattoo will look,he/she has the responsibility.It doesnt mean when you walk the door of a tattoo shop with a design or an idea that this should be done exactly as you want it,at least to a lot of shops that i know.

    Get what you want tattooed by whoever you want in whatever style you want. Who cares if it lasts or not . Its a personal and individual thing.

  2. There is a lot of talking about tattooing and more about "the art of tattooing".Sometimes it seems like tattooing is somehow an "academical" art (sorry if my english are not excellent) and a lot are told about the design-the "piece of art".I consider tattooing somehow more technical than artistic and respecting the rule that the tattoo has to live through time the better possible i feel that i cant break some "red lines" which is the outline,the scale,the use of black color a lot and a lot more.

    I think there is not a lot of talking about this and a lot of tattooers puts art above tattooing..

  3. I cant describe.I dont give a fuck about for navaro,hes just promoting his new work i guess and i dont think that he should feel any responsibility for my profession but the other two guys dont they know that they re fucking the business?I cant imagine people start judging the tattoos like they do on that show.Maybe i m wrong and i have to call my customer Human Canvanses...Fuck

  4. I see some guys TRYING HARD to play the lawyers of not tattooed tattooers!!!!WHY?

    A lot of guys put it very correct so its no need to say more to proove that -come on guys!!!!of course you should be heavily tattooed if you are a tattooer.Its a matter of love and need at first.You cant do otherwise.No if we need 4-5 pages of talking to find that yes there are 3-4 tattooers -respectful tattooers-that says it all.

  5. All of oUr western civilization is built on violence!We spread it for free in many places around the world.I think its time to taste OUR product.I live in Athens Greece and my shop is in the central of it.I ve closed a lot of times my shop earlier than i should and other times didnt open it at all!Its terrible when it happens but i think its time to stop accusing the "bad kids-hooligans-whatever-


  6. I m very happy to work with Yorg Powell.He s tattooing for more than 15 years most of the time in Athens/Greece.For me this guy is like a guide in tattooing and in many things in life and happily we work together at the shop i ve just opened in athens and called Honest Tattoo.A lot of people knows his work but i would like to share with you also because i think it s very interesting.You can see more at yorgtat.com or honesttattoo.com.

  7. Before a few years i ve read an article speaking about japanese tattooing tradition.Ed Hardy did the foreward of this article and what he exactly said is:its all matter of tradition,if you dont have at the end you "imitate",which for me it is not always bad.Thinking of these i have to say that tradition in any subject puts limits,you do a lot of things and you even think in a certain way which comes from tradition.What i mean is that a western guy (in general-except horikitsune and if someone else like him exchists)at the end of the day the feeling will be that he did something..experimental but a japanese or a guy from borneo or whatever at the end of the day he maybe gonna have the feeling that he just did the job the right way.

  8. As long as they are good tattoos I don't think it matters.
    i've been thinking about this..i have on my left arm right now a tattoo of my dog on my shoulder, and a longhorn bull head on my inner bicep. i want to get an eagle / banner, but maybe i should put it on the other arm and save that space for a non-animal design?


    thats it :)

  9. You summed up the problem quite nicely but I suggest you give up this conversation with him. Otherwise it's going to feel like you're beating your head against a wall.
    I m very new here but believe me that i understood from the first days what s this guy doing and i didnt intend to continue.

    Thx anyway :)

  10. Again just being honest, but I would think it cool as hell, and more than a little freaky if the whole world was walking around with my name on their clothes.

    I wonder how he introduces himself to someone who has a bright Ed Hardy t-shirt on?

    Man why do you care so much?You talk about a guy that you should JUST STUDY if you care so much about the world of tattooing.

  11. i think he wears them because he knows that you are so associated with the world of tattooing and he tries to look cool in front of you!!!

    Funny thing in, a very good friend of mine just went shopping to TK Max and got a pair of Ed Hardy trainers, jeans and a few shirts. Every time we go over to his place he makes sure to wear them... thankfully he is much cooler than his choice of clothing.

    Ed Hardy Mens Shoes Highrise Liverpool Silver Sneakers | eBay UK

  12. i dont know how to post pics from facebook to here. i do feel compelled to share my morning story though.

    on facebook this guy i used to know when i was just a kid comments on one of my photos.. he asks to sit in on tattoo session so that he can compare what im doing to his own tattoo ability. hehehe ... ya ... right.

    seriously.. you have to read the comments made back and forth from him and i!!!

    find me on facebook ( chris moniz ) go to my photos, click on "todays tattoo work" look for a picture of a tiger that has only been outlined.. then view the comments!

    its worth your while i swear! the guy hit upon almost every excuse for his shortcomings as a tattooer!

    For sure it worthed visiting your fb even if i spent some minutes,really funny thread man!cant wait for new episodes, this guy didnt seem like ending the conversation!!!!!

    take care!