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  1. We are still looking for the right artist to join our team. We turn work away every day because we are booked into the end of May.
  2. Cherry Blossom Studios is looking for a skilled tattooer to join our team here in Fayetteville NC. This is large military town and there is money to be made here. This shop has a top notch reputation and our clientele search us out and get larger pieces as the norm. You must be a skilled tattooer with a great foundation in the basics of tattooing. Skills in realism are a plus. We are known for clean solid work so you must be able to fill that need. All frosting and no cake will not fly here. We are a fully custom shop so you must be able to draw. If you are interested send me a link to your portfolio and a list of references to E@CHERRYBLOSSOMSTUDIOS.COM
  3. is it only one color, just the black? whats the weather like where you are. Some inks/blacks will puff up when it gets hot out.
  4. Not actually. The reason dark skin doesn't "take" color is that tattoo ink is placed below the layer of skin that contains the natural pigment. The color is in effect being shown thru a filter tinted by the skins pigment. Depending on the warm or cool values of the skin you can determine what colors will show up best. Example yellows don't show well in warm skin tones.
  5. Still looking to fill an empty spot in the shop. I foyu know anyone needing a home send em my way.
  6. every damn show on tv is exactly the same theses days. Hollywood has absolutely no creativity any more. Think about it, when was the last time you saw something truly original come out of that cesspool. I just saw the trailer for a remake of Total Recall yesterday. Granted it looks cool but damn get a new idea people.
  7. evlink2006


    Thanx for the welcome. I just realized I need to proof read my posts before I hit submit. I didn't "won" the shop I own it lol. This is what happens when I post without enough coffee.
  8. Cherry Blossom Studios in Fayetteville, NC is looking to add another artist to the shop. We are a fully custom shop with a solid clientele. A motivated artist will be able to do really well. The shop has a great reputation and is in a relatively recession-proof town. We also have close connections with many of the art groups and the Arts Council so opportunities to showcase your work in other mediums are available. Artist must have a solid portfolio and references. Artists run as true independent contractors and we have a very artist-favored pay system. You can check out our website at Cherry Blossom Studios Custom Tattooing and Art Gallery | Welcome to Cherry Blossom Studios. For more info contact me at e@cherryblossomstudios.com or call the shop at 910-425-9600
  9. evlink2006


    Hi all, My name is E and I won Cherry Blossom Studios in Fayetteville, NC. I have been tattooing for too damn long and still love every minute of it. I am always looking to meet other artists and learn as much as I possibly can. I post a few pics here and you can also check out the shop and portfolios at Cherry Blossom Studios Custom Tattooing and Art Gallery | Welcome to Cherry Blossom Studios
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