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  1. so i had allot of shity equipment int the almost ten years that i have been tattooing and i wanna let people vent about there horrible experiences i now own almost everything tatsouls sells forte station 370 etc and i swear by them but not everything is good right? i once ordered from [link removed] or whatever it is its horrible you can got to [link removed] and buy it wholesale for dollars its all chinese crap. and the amount of shity ass fake rotarys ive ordered before i got all my tatsoul valor rotary machines is un countable and i wanna help people not make the basic mistakes i made in
  2. i understand the theme here but in my opinion if your that sheltered of person where you feel like someone with tattoos has money then you might be stupid enough to think a guy at a bar drinking j.w. blue label is a big spender.....maybe because your having a corona or something less than.....my intentions are not to insult anyone posting on here but remeber this if you dont know them dont judge luxury item no......wiping your ass with gold infused toilet paper or eating a $2000 burger w truffle butter on it....thats luxury i mean unless your covered in tattoos by kat von d and roman abrego
  3. this is how i look at it i have tattoos on my head face neck arms chest etc people stare at me all the time and just as rudely and uncaring as they are staring i look right on over at them and if they dont tuck there chin and act like they werent looking at me wich isnt often.........ill look at them and in the same rude manner there staring i aske em....what the fuck are you looking at but if there not acting ugly about it you shouldnt either.........do unto others as you would want done unto yourself
  4. hey sorry im so freaking busy i dont have time for my self lol i have timelapse videos and photographs on my google plus its under jeff collins im still getting used to this stuff havent quite got it yet but i promise photos will come soon
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    My name is Jeff Collins I'm a professional tattoo artist from the los Angeles area currently working in porterville CA I specialize in script and custom fonts allong w portraits but I also tattoo traditional, Japanese and oriental, bio mechanics and bio organics, pretty much well rounded and I don't print stuff off the internet for my clients .....fresh creativity only thanks for welcoming me
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